That Hair…

My hair is the bane of my life; a massive, afro-tastic, dry ‘thing’ on my head which I have never been able to control.

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Not helping myself, I have spent the last three years in pretty extreme climates – baking hot sun in Ibiza and now Abu Dhabi during the Summers, and freezing cold mountain air in France & Switzerland over the Winters. Not ideal for any kind of hair-loving. Twin alllll of that with sweaty gym hair and we’ve got a real disaster almost every single day. Yay.

Now that I am fully-properly-definitely living in Abu Dhabi for the foreseeable future, I’ve decided that my hair needs fixing. Properly fixing, like ‘Extreme Makeover’ kinda thing. Being in a new country and all of that, I needed to firstly find a hairdresser that know’s what I’m talking about. So I did a bit of searching and found Glamour Hair Salon in Al Zeina.

The Al Zeina Branch is pretty new, but Glamour also have a salon on the Corniche in the city. All I’ve ever read is good reviews, and they are always filling their Instagram & Facebook pages up with amazing hair transformations, from a simple but glamorous blow-dry, to a full on blue Ombre makeover.

My initial search started with a twitter shout out with a couple of photos of the kind of thing I wanted done. An undercut, dye and extreme thinning. I got a reply from Glamour to tell me that I would need to book a consultation with Jamilla Paul, and so that’s just what I did, and she was lovely. I turned up on Sunday morning and Jamilla sat me down, took my crazy afroness out of it’s band and listened to me explain what it was that I wanted for my new hair. I’m useless when it comes to any kind of hair knowledge, so after my brief explanation I pretty much let Jamilla tell me what I would need and what would look good and then I booked an appointment with her for the following Wednesday – wahoo!!

I even got an email back from an excited Jamilla after I sent some ideas across for my undercut. A sign that she was actually showing some interest which I really appreciated.

Throughout my appointment on Wednesday, we were constantly talking about making my hair as healthy as it could be with the use of the right products and treatments, not using permanent dyes and even the basics of actually washing my hair properly (because you don’t really quite understand how difficult it is to get to the roots through this lion’s mane). Jamilla took some proper time shaving in my undercut and showed me through a mirror at every stage to make sure I was completely happy. She even messed up her make-up brushes painting dye onto the back of my head!! That’s some commitment right there!

Four hours later and the transformation was complete!


Transformation complete! I am so happy with how incredible my hair looks and feels. A tonne lighter, thinner and more manageable that it’s been in a VERY long time. And I’m now equipped with the tools to keep it moisturised and healthy at home too!

Though I am now being pretty lazy…I’m currently booked in to have a weekly wash and blow dry, mainly because I’ve never been able to master the blow-dry technique. I’ve had one so far since my original cut, and I left the salon feeling fresh with the softest, loveliest hair ever 🙂 *Happy Tiff*

TiffyTopTip: Both Glamour branches currently have a blow-dry offer for 400 AED for 4 blow-drys within a month period (with selected stylists).

All of the staff at Glamour Salon Al Zeina were kind and helpful, smiling & grabbing drinks and magazines for me throughout. The girls washing my hair constantly asked whether the pressure and water temperature were good for me, and I feel that I can really put my trust in the salon to get my hair to the healthiness that I so badly want it to be.

To book a consultation or appointment, call +971 (0)2 626 3002 Al Zeina or +971 (0)2 555 9902 Corniche


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