That Week Thirty-Nine…

Another week down in Abu Dhabi – it’s really starting to feel like home now!

Read this weeks exercise diary and food diary.

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Managing THREE laps of the F1 track again this week (with three hill climbs too)!

– Having a lovely evening out with Matt at Yas Marina on Friday

– Enjoying more Birthday’s at McGettigan’s

– Doing well nutritionally all week

– Our appliances being delivered to the new apartment – yay!!!

That Bad Week…

– Hurting my shoulder mid-workout on Tuesday and having to cut my workout short

– The wait around to have our appliances delivered…ergh!

Next Week…

 Matt’s away for training from Wednesday night, so I’m going solo for a week – eeeek!

I want to do really well over all, and so I am going to try and stick to my ‘no ingredient list’ foods this week to ensure that I’m not taking in rubbish foods for absolutely no reason.

We’ve got deliveries coming to the apartment and I’ve got a couple of meetings coming up too, so it’s all go go go again! Yay!