That 39th Exercise Diary…

Much happier this week. I created a bit of a new workout and managed to stay on track. I wrote down what I was going to do for the week and I did it all (with a little bit of shuffling around here and there)


We’re still at the Crowne Plaza Yas Island, so that’s where our gym is at! (chomping at the bit for some new scenery lol)

I’ve done a new workout programme this week – I hope you like it and maybe get some ideas for your own workouts 🙂

Read my exercise diary from the past seven days below:

Monday – HIIT & Core


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Ab Circuit (Repeat x 5)

10kg Russian Twist x 10 each side

10kg Weighted Crunch x 10

Alternate Heel Touches x 10 each side

Swiss Ball Roll Up x 10

V Sit x 15


Plank x 1 Min

Side Plank x 1 Min each side

20kg Standing Oblique Bend (3 x 10)

Level 6 Cable Crunch (3 x 10)

Tuesday – Shoulders/Arms and Cycling at Yas Marina F1 Circuit

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Standing Dumbbell Upright Row (9kg x 10) / Tricep Dips x 10

Superset 2 – Alternate Front Dumbbell Raise (7kg x 10) / Concentrated Bicep Curls (9kg x 10)

Superset 3 – Alternate Dumbell Lateral Raise (7kg x 10) / Seated Dumbbell Curl Twist (9kg x 10)

Superset 4 – Standing Shoulder Press (9kg x 10) / Dumbbell Tricep Extension (16kg x 10)

Evening Workout

As we always like to on a Tuesday, we headed to Yas Marina Circuit and cycled around the track. I did three laps again, and smashed the hill climb on every one! My starve is all up and running now (find me here) and I love checking my results each week!

Wednesday – HIIT & Cardio

A simple day for me today…


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off


30 minutes incline walk on treadmill

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Leg Day


5 Sets of 5 @ 55kg

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Wide Dumbbell Squat (23kg x 10) / Calf Raises (65kg x 10)

Superset 2 – Leg Curl (Level 6 x 7) / Leg Extension (75kg x 7)

Superset 3 – Good Mornings (30kg x 10) / Smith Machine Split Squats (40kg x 5 each side)

Superset 4 – Leg Press (Level 7 x 5) / Glute Bridge (40kg x 10)

Saturday – Back

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – One Arm Dumbbell Row (11kg each x 10) / Dumbbell Pullover (16kg x 10)

Superset 2 – Incline Dumbbell Row (11kg each x 10) / Underarm Seated Row (40kg x 10)

Superset 3 – Reverse Pull Up x 5 / Back Extension (68kg x 10)

Superset 4 – Assisted Chin Up (12kg x 5) / Bent Row (20kg x 10)

Finisher x 3

Seated Row (33kg x 10)

Sunday – Chest & Shoulders

Supersets (Repeat x 3) 

Superset 1 – Dumbbell Bench Press (9kg each x 10) / Seated Shoulder Press (9kg each x 10)

Superset 2 – Incline Dumbbell Flys (9kg each x 10) / Dumbbell Front Raise (9kg x 10)

Superset 3 – Incline Dumbbell Press (9kg each x 10) / Lateral Raises (5kg each x 10)

Superset 4 – Chest Press (33kg x 10) / Disc Upright Row (20kg x 10)


Press Ups x 25

I’m going to do the same this Sunday and write down my week of workouts as it helped me stay on track the last seven days.

Do you have any hints or tips on how to stay on track with your workouts? Maybe you have a go-to that always ensures you end up in the gym. I’d love to hear from you, so comment below and let me know how your week pans out.