That Review: The Laughter Factory @ Park Rotana

I’m constantly scrolling through Facebook & Twitter, and so I was super lucky to come across a little competition from The Capital List to win a pair of tickets to The Laughter Factory on Saturday night.

Even more luckily – I won the tickets – and so me and Matt got dressed up and headed on over to Park Rotana Abu Dhabi.


We’ve not had a chance to head over to Khalifa Park or the Rotana complex yet, so we were really looking forward to heading somewhere new and checking things out. We’d heard good things about The Laughter Factory, and been told about Cooper’s Bar within the hotel by some very friendly tweets & Instagram comments from Rotana themselves (trying to get me involved in happy hour – the cheeky buggers!!).

On arrival there was clear signage up to the area where the comedy night was taking place, so I gave my name at the door and we were given our entrance wristbands. A bar was set up in the communal area and so we started off by getting a drink and having a look around. The drinks were the cheapest I’ve seen in all of Abu Dhabi (20 dirham for a spirit, 25 dirham for a beer) so that was a great start. We decided that for the show we’d get a bucket of beers for a delightful 95 dirham, and then we went in to grab some seats.

We chose seats on the second row, obviously too scared to brave the front, and got settled in as we heard the 5 minute call. The small room filled around us, with some groups staying standing at tables at the back (probably to avoid the dreaded front row as well).

First up was British-Nigerian Funmbi Omotayo, with some great London anecdotes to warm the crowd nicely. We’d been warned at the beginning of the show that there would probably be some bad language and whatever else, but gently reminded that we are adults and could deal with it without any fuss. Luckily, the crowd was almost entirely made up of expats, who would understand the British references and not be offended when a few colourful words slipped in here and there.

After a short interval (enough time to buy a new bucket of beer) on came Sean Hughes, a comic who’d I’d seen on various TV shows before. During his part of the evening, I was very glad that we hadn’t chosen the front row to sit in, as pretty much every person played a part in his act. I thought Matt was going to shout out when he asked who the youngest in the audience was – but a lady sat just in front of me got the brunt of that set of jokes (though she was a couple of years older – phew!)

Last on the stage (after another interval) was American comedian Dave Fulton. Throwing some amazingly funny stories at us, we couldn’t stop laughing through his entire set.

The three comics were balanced well, and the whole evening was really well run & loads of fun. The guys at The Laughter Factory put on a good show with a great atmosphere, and we were in high spirits as we left to head to Cooper’s bar, where we were told the stars of the show would be coming for a quick drink.

Happy Hour at Cooper’s meant nice cheap drinks, with quick and efficient service. We also ordered some bar snacks which came quickly and were very tasty!

All in all, we had a great night at The Laughter Factory at Park Rotana Abu Dhabi. Thanks so much to the Capital List for putting on the competition that I luckily won. We’ve told so many people about it already,  and we’re really looking forward to The Laughter Factory’s return to Abu Dhabi.