That Week Thirty-Eight…

Another week down in Abu Dhabi – ups and downs and loads going on!!

Here’s the last seven days in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Managing THREE laps of the F1 track this week!

– Having my hair done at Glamour Salon UAE #Undercut

– Enjoying one of the groups Birthday at McGettigan’s (yes, there was cake!)

– Smashing out Leg Day after a well needed rest on Thursday

– Reigning in my breakfasts and going healthy with proats most of the week

– Enjoying The Laughter Factory at Park Rotana (thanks to The Capital List)

That Bad Week…

– Feeling weak and exhausted on Wednesday/Thursday and really having to take a rest

– Getting the keys to our apartment, but the problems not being fixed (so we still can’t move in)

– Falling off the bandwagon at the weekend… again.

Next Week…

 I feel as if next week is going to be a good one. Both myself and Matt said that this week has been weird because we’ve both felt properly exhausted and it’s taken a toll on exercise & nutrition. We think it’s maybe because we’ve put ourselves through this July Challenge with Matts Apple watch, and to be honest – we can’t wait until it’s over! lol.

But we’ll get through next week and hopefully stick to the plan. I am creating our workout plan for the week today so that we know exactly what we’re doing each day. I don’t like to not have a plan and that’s something that lacked this week, a factor that probably led to the downfall at the weekend.

What are you guys up to next week? Would love to hear from you all, so comment below to get in touch!