That 38th Exercise Diary…

I won’t lie – I’ve been a bit of a melt this week.

There have been days where I just haven’t been able to do much – feeling a bit weak and having to take a rest. BUT – after that day of rest on Thursday, I managed to smash out a strong Leg Day on Friday and finished off the week well.

I think it’s all about listening to your body and making sure that if you need a rest, you bloody well take a rest! I had some frozen yoghurt (to make me feel better of course) and a good dinner and slept really well after watching a movie in bed. Exactly what I needed.

As always, Crowne Plaza Yas Island is where our gym is at!


Remember, every weight/speed that’s gone up from last week is in red

Read my exercise diary from the past week below:

Monday – Shoulders & Back

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Back Extension (75kg x 10) / NEW! Alternate Seated Dumbell Front Raise (5kg each x 10)

Superset 2 – Assisted Chin Up (12kg x 5) / Shoulder Press (11kg each x 10)

Superset 3 – NEW! Reverse Smith Machine Row (40kg x 5) / Seated Shoulder Press (11kg x 10)

Superset 4 – Assisted Pull Up (19kg x 5) / Seated Row (40kg x 5)

Tuesday – HIIT/Abs and Cycling at Yas Marina F1 Circuit


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Ab Circuit (Repeat x 4)

10kg Russian Twist x 10 each side

10kg Weighted Crunch x 10

Alternate Heel Touches x 10 each side

Swiss Ball Roll Up x 10

V Sit x 15


Plank x 1 Min

Side Plank x 1 Min each side

Evening Workout

As we always like to on a Tuesday, we headed to Yas Marina Circuit and cycled around the track. They had changed the route this week so our Strava went a bit weird (find me here), but I managed three laps which is 16km – my best yet!!!!


Wednesday – Cardio & Arms

A simple day for me today – 40 minutes low intensity cardio split between the Cross Trainer & Treadmill followed by…

Arm Circuit (Repeat x 3)

Shoulder Press (11kg x 10)

Tricep Dip x 10

Bicep Curl (11kg x 10)

Seated Row (33kg x 10)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Leg Day


5 Sets of 5 @ 50kg

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Wide Dumbbell Squat (23kg x 10) / Calf Raises (60kg x 10)

Superset 2 – Leg Curl (Level 7 x 5) / Leg Extension (75kg x 5)

Superset 3 – Good Mornings (30kg x 10) / Calf Raises (30kg x 10)

Superset 4 – Leg Press (Level 7 x 5) / Glute Bridge (40kg x 10)

Saturday – Chest & Arms

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Bench Press (34kg x 5) / NEW! Concentration Bicep Curl (9kg x 5)

Superset 2 – Chest Press (40kg x 5) / Dumbell Tricep Extension (16kg x 5)

Superset 3 – Dumbell Flys (7kg each x 10) / NEW! Seated Bicep Curl Twist (9kg each x 10)

Superset 4 – Dumbell Pullover (16kg x 10) / Tricep Dips x 10

Sunday – Rest Day

When I look back at it, it’s not a particularly bad week, just not as ridiculous as some of the weeks I’ve done previously! I’m pretty happy, but I am looking forward to getting back on it properly next week.

Because we haven’t been doing our sprints – I think that next week might be particularly difficult….erghhhhhhh! Wish me luck!!!


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