That Body Image…

 …The Update

Right at the beginning of this blog, waaaaaay back in November 2014, I wrote a post going through my body hang-ups (see here).

I think that now, almost 9 months down the line, I’ve pretty much re-evaluated what I see when I look in the mirror. Some thoughts have changed, some have stayed the same…and there are some brand new one’s creeping in as well.


My shoulders have always been a problem for me when I gained some weight and lost some muscle, so at the beginning of this journey I really didn’t like their shape. Nine months down the line though – and I’m a whole lot happier. My shoulders have some definition, and they are stronger than they have ever been! I’m now just working on losing a bit of body fat all over so that the muscle definition stands out a bit more. Shoulder presses galore!!!


The age old female problem of ‘first to gain, last to lose‘. Definitely true in my case (erghhh!). Yes, I can say that I am closer to my goal than I was 9 months ago (I’d be livid if I wasn’t) but it’s the one place where I want definition the most, and the one place where it just. isn’t. happening. I’ve made great changes to my diet, but I know that I can do so much more. Being strict with food is the hardest thing for me, something that I have constantly struggled with – but little bits are getting better and better – because I’m making 100% healthy choices almost every single day.



Nine months ago, my legs were one of my biggest hang ups. I told you guys in the blog post that I would keep racking up the 30kg squats in the gym, and hopefully I’d see some changes. But guess what?!!!! I’m now throwing out 60kg squats on the smith machined and smashing out a leg day that’s just re.diculous (and leaves me not able to walk for two or three days lol).

My problem with my legs in all in my mind, and I know that – but when you look at Instagram & Twitter and whatever else and see these girls all competing with really slim strong legs, you tend forget that they are on stage and contracting their muscles to show off muscle separation and have been fake tanned up to their eye balls. I can’t walk round tensing all day…!!!


My back is the one part of my body that I’m actually quite proud of. It’s visibly strong, with all these muscles all over the place. Who knew hey?! Doesn’t work so well for girly dresses and blouses though, because it’s getting a bit wide lol! I feel like that Instagram picture of batman in a ball gown when I try to wear something pretty.

I do still need to work on my lower back and the ‘love handle’ bit – but all in all, I’m quite happy!

Screenshot_2015-07-24-11-32-32-1 thatfit_journey_1021504048830494704_1615147700

And thats it….!

After nine months of going through this fitness journey – some good, some bad – I can actually now say that I have noticed considerable changes across my whole body, and changes that make me happy!!

It’s really tough to see the big picture sometimes when all that anyone focuses on is the little steps being made. I always get little messages from MrsB over at mindovermatterblog, and she always tells me (and everyone else she blogs to) that we should be proud of what our bodies can DO, rather than what they look like. I’m starting to see that – honestly I am – but a washboard stomach wouldn’t hurt right?! 😉

I hope you can all see the progress you’re making… but if you can’t, just look back 6 weeks on your Insta page – I bet you’ve added some weight to your squats, or can run further that you could back then. WELL. DONE. YOU!!!!

Tiff xxxx