That Review: P F Changs, Yas Mall

As we don’t have any food at the hotel on the weekends here, Matt’s colleagues invited us out to eat at Yas Mall on Thursday evening. They wanted to head to P.F. Chang’s, a contemporary Chinese right in the middle of the mall.


Now – I’m a fussy eater, and so Chinese isn’t normally one of the places that I would choose to go to – but after checking out the menu on my Zomato app, I saw plenty of dishes that I would probably love!

And so we agreed….

P.F. Chang’s had been open for take-away orders during Ramadan, but now that was over, the place was bustling. We hadn’t called ahead to make a reservation, and so we were very lucky to be able to get a table for the six of us as soon as we arrived.

We we sat by a host who told us that our server would be over shortly to take our orders. We ordered drinks and starters to begin with, and then ordered our mains when we were ready. Our server was great in explaining the different dishes and accompanying sauces to me, and there was always someone around should we have needed them. We were sat in a place where a server would have to go out of their way to check on us, but at no point did we feel left out or ignored.


The menu seemed massive, and it was really difficult to choose what to have. As always, I was drawn towards the chicken dishes, but they all sounded absolutely incredible. Just an excuse to go back and try some more me thinks!!

She Had…

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

followed by…

Almond & Cashew Chicken

He Had…

Crispy Green Beans

followed by…

Dan Dan Noodles

Others Had…

Dynamite Shrimp & BBQ Ribs

followed by…

Beef a la Sichuan, Honey Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken

When the starters arrived – we kind of figured out that we probably didn’t need them. The portions were absolutely huge, something that I would probably have been more than happy with as a meal on it’s own. Everything tasted incredible, even simple tempura green beans! My chicken lettuce wraps were incredible, amazingly seasoned with crunchy noodles to add a bit of bite.

“The Best Ribs I’ve Ever Had” – David Taylor

Our servers were super swift with clearing our starter plates, and the mains came out immediately after. Matt’s noodles were tossed at the table, adding a bit of theatre to the whole thing, and we were once again wowed by the sheer amount of food put down in front of us. Everything smelled absolutely in.credible, and we couldn’t wait to dig in.

Luckily we’re all quite good friends and so I was able to try some of the different dishes on the table, which allowed me to try something that I generally wouldn’t order myself because I’d be worried about ingredients in it that I didn’t know or was scared to try. The beef was incredible, and so was the honey chicken. My dish was quite sweet and saucy, and so I’d probably try something next time that was a bit dryer – but the dish had plenty of chicken in it (something which I definitely appreciated) and was filled out with plenty of crunchy vegetables & nuts.

Soft drinks were bottomless, and so they just kept on coming to the tables, and the servers were great in keeping them topped up. We weren’t too overwhelmed with them – they just came at the right time. The server also asked me if I needed more rice when I had eaten it all, which I thought was a great touch. The staff at P.F. Chang’s even asked whether we wanted our food boxed up to go when we had finished, something that Matt took them up on – so his lunch the next day was sorted!

Our server split our bill for us (a GREAT help) and so we were all able to pay our bit without having to get out the calculator at the table.

Our bill came to 210 AED, and this equates to roughly £36.00. Really good value considering we both had starters & main dishes.

#TiffyTopTip – Order dishes to share between the table. Two dishes for every 3 people would work out perfectly! Or order one each to have lunch prepared for the next day!



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