That 37th Exercise Diary…

Another decent week in the gym has meant a restful Sunday feeling goooood! I can’t believe how well me and Matt are sticking to our exercise regime, and HUGE kudos to him because he’s keeping me so motivated (thankkkkkks!!!).

We’ve found it a bit strange actually – the mornings where we don’t get up and head to the gym straight away – we’ve actually been feeling a bit rough!! That’s some crazy backwards stuff going on right there. But we get in the gym, smash out a workout and then feel a million times better.


 Crowne Plaza Yas Island is our gym at the moment, and it’s slowly getting taken over by more and more of Matt’s colleagues, which is brilliant because I love seeing people seeing and feeling the benefits of working out!!

Remember, every weight/speed that’s gone up from last week is in red

Read my exercise diary from the past week below:

Monday – HIIT & Weights

HIIT Round 1

15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – One Arm Shoulder Press (25lbs/11kgs each arm x 10) / Tricep Dips x 10

Superset 2 – Chest Press (33kgs x 10) / Seated Row (33kgs x 10)

Superset 4 – Underarm Seated Row (33kgs x 10) / Shoulder Press (15lbs/7kgs each x 10)

Finishers (3 sets of each)

20lbs Dumbell Curl Fives (see video below)

20lbs Dumbell Lunges x 10 each leg

Bodyweight Squats x 10

Dumbell Fives are made up of three exercises, all superset with each other.

1. Dumbell Curl (half rep) from fully extended arms to half way x 5

2. Dumbell Curl (half rep) from half way 90degrees to fully contracted x 5

3. Full Dumbell Curl from fully extended to fully contracted x 5

Evening Session

Matt needed to complete his July Challenge for the day, so we went back in the evening to smash out 30 minutes on the cross trainer!

Tuesday – Cycling at Yas Marina F1 Circuit


Wednesday – HIIT


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Exercise Circuit (Repeat x 3)

Shoulder Press 7kg x 10

Bicep Curl 9kg x 10

Tricep Dips x 10

I know I should have done more today, but after the sprints I was just knackered!

Thursday – Legs & Cardio


50kg on Smith Machine (5 sets of 5)

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Wide Dumbbell Squat (23kg x 10) / Calf Raises (60kg x 10)

Superset 2 – Leg Curl (Level 7 x 5) / Leg Extension (75kg x 5)

Superset 3 – Leg Press (Level 7 x 5) / Glute Bridge (40kg x 5)

I taught Matt how to glute bridge today….

Afternoon Session

30 minute on Stationary Bike

Friday – HIIT & Abs


15 mins – 6 Gradient – 17.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Ab Circuit (Repeat x 3)

Swiss Ball Roll Up x 10

Cable Crunch Level 7 x 10

Back Extension 68kg x 10

V Sit x 15

Finisher x 6

10kg Russian Twist x 10

Saturday – Arms & Shoulders

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Bicep Curl (9kg each x 10) / Seated Tricep Extension (16kg x 10)

Superset 2 – Reverse Bicep Curl (7kg each x 10) / Bench Dips x 10

Superset 3 – Alternate Hammer Curl (9kg each x 10) / Tricep Dumbbell Kick Back (7kg each x 10)

Superset 4 – Reverse Plate Curl (20kg x 10) / Tricep Dips x 5


15 minutes cross trainer

15 minutes walk on treadmill

Sunday – Rest Day

It’s not my best week of exercise, I know that, but it’s still pretty good. 6 days out of 7 means a whole load of calories burned before breakfast. I’ve got two weeks now until my next weigh-in / measurements so I am looking forward to having a perfect couple of weeks nutritionally and with exercise and hopefully I’ll see some great changes in my body!

What’s your workout plan for the next 7 days? Have you got some classes booked in? I’d love to hear from you so comment below and let me know what you’re up to!


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