That Technology: My Favourite Fitness Apps…

I’m always showing you on various social medias what I’m eating or drinking or what I’m up to in the gym workout wise – but I haven’t yet shown you what health and fitness apps actually get me though these days. Sometimes I think that I wouldn’t actually get through without them!

Maybe I rely too much on the technology of it all – but why not?! If it’s there to help me, I’m going to let it help me. So here’s my favourite fitness apps:

And yes…I’m an Android user…!!

My Fitness Pal


I’ve had this little beauty from the very beginning.

Not the beginning of this particular fitness journey – no, no – but the beginning of every single fitness journey I’ve ever been on. So it’s been downloaded on my mobile for a good six years or so. I think it’s by far the best food logging app there is. I’ve seen plenty of apps that incorporate food logging, but My Fitness Pal is far superior.

I think it’s the ease of it all – you can scan a barcode and it’ll find that food for you. You can import a recipe straight from a website to the app and it’ll do all of the math for you too! It now has ‘verified’ foods – so you know it’s reliable, and the specific goal setting and pie charts showing macro breakdown are a nerds dream!!!

I used to be huge on the forum of My Fitness Pal when I was sat at my desk, and the community was fantastic – but the phone app has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start logging. Get yourself a profile and get started!

Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-03-33 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-02-48 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-03-26

 Perfect For…

Macro Counting / Food Prep / Meal Planning

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Up by Jawbone


Since getting my Jawbone Up24 for Christmas from Matt, I’ve never gone a day without using this app.

I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t like randomly having my bluetooth on all day, and what I found great was that I could turn my bluetooth on when I got into bed at night and everything from the entire day would upload. Brilliant!

The Up by Jawbone app also links with My Fitness Pal, so my food gets automagically moved across and all of my stats come together – amazing hey? I also love seeing how I’ve slept, so looking at the app when I wake up every morning has become a daily tradition.

My Favourite Bit? The smart alarm. I hate being woken up by a loud intrusive noise. You may as well throw a bucket of water over my head – it’s horrendous, and doesn’t put me in a particularly good mood. The smart alarm on the UP wakes you with a gentle vibrate of the wristband when you’re in your lightest sleep. I’m generally a light sleeper so I only have a 10 minute buffer on my alarm – but you can go up to half an hour if you’re prone to sleeping a little deeper.

Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-12-54 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-13-02 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-13-09

Perfect For…

Sleep Logging / One Stop Stats / Exercise Tracking



Strava is actually a relatively new app for me. I downloaded it because now we’re in Abu Dhabi, we spend our Tuesday evenings cycling around Yas Formula 1 race track (as you do). Matt is a cyclist, and he actually recommended the app to me for our first ride around the track.

It’s a simple, easy to use tracking app – and because I’ll be running sometimes too – it has an easy switching feature between both running and cycling which I like. No wifi needed whilst you’re actually exercising, as GPS does all the work. Just log on when you’re back at home to upload the workout.

I love the fact that you get a little map of where you’ve been, along with a breakdown of segments that others have ridden before, with your timing for that particular bit. The competitive one in me can’t wait to smash out personal bests on the the Formula 1 track. How many people get to say that?!

I definitely feel as if I haven’t used Strava even close to it’s full potential… but I’ve got time to play with it a lot more, and I am excited to see what I can do.

Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-28-54 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-30-17 Screenshot_2015-07-13-18-30-29

Perfect For…

Runners & Cyclists / Personal Bests / Community

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Now, I am sure there are plenty of other apps out there that you guys use to help you along your fitness journey… but what are they? I love trying out new things and I’d love to hear what works for you? Prefer a different food logger – tell me which one! Found an app that you can log workouts on – show me it!

I love hearing from you, so get in touch!



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