That 36th Food Diary…

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This week was pretty good all in all. I kept my calories low and my eating clean! The only down day really was Tuesday when we went over to Dubai. Eating out is always a struggle for me – being so in love with all food means I want everything on the damn menu! It’s one of the things I am trying to work on, and because this place is really social, there will be a lot of eating out. I need to control myself. We ate out again on Saturday night and I made conscious healthy choices and it made me feel great! I just need to remember that feeling every time we’re in a restaurant.

As I mentioned last week – I’m not able to properly log food (as most of the time I’m not cooking it myself) I’m not going to put the macro split down as I can’t really rely on My Fitness Pal to be logging the right things, as I am pretty much guesstimating calorie content. Once we’re into our apartment and I’m cooking from scratch again, I’ll be able to put it back up with confidence that it’s going to be right.

Read this weeks food diary below:


  • Breakfast – Granary Toast, Vegetable Frittata & Grilled Tomato – 237 Cals
  • Ham Omelette – 290 Cals
  • Baked Banana – 120 Cals
  • Dinner – Butter Chicken & Vegetables – 678 Cals
  • Coffee & Peanut Butter Shake – 269 Cals

Total – 1594 Cals



  • Breakfast – Grilled Tomatoes, Granary Toast & Turkey Sausage – 474 Cals
  • Lunch – Chicken Burrito – 700 Cals
  • Dinner (at The Rainforest Cafe Dubai) – Boneless Wings & Chilli Con Carne – 1344 Cals

Total – 2581 Cals


  • Breakfast – Toast, Peanut Butter & Jam – 423 Cals
  • Apples – 189 Cals
  • Dinner – Vegetable Korma & Rice – 606 Cals

Total – 1218 Cals 


  • Breakfast – Bircher Muesli, Yoghurt, Nuts & Apricots – 532 Cals
  • Lunch – Ham Omelette – 281 Cals
  • Dinner – Chicken Salad – 550 Cals

Total –  1363 Cals



  • Breakfast – Bircher Muesli with Chocolate Protein, Yoghurt, Nuts, Apricots & Raisins – 682 Cals
  • Lunch – Fruit Platter @ Yas Beach – 260 Cals
  • Dinner – Chicken Skewers with Sweet Potato Wedges – 572 Cals

Total –  1514 Cals



  • Breakfast – Bircher Muesli with Chocolate Protein, Yoghurt, Nuts, Apricots & Raisins – 670 Cals
  • Carrot – 25 Cals
  • Lunch – Chicken Omelette – 438 Cals
  • Dinner – Monkey Nuts & Salmon with Vegetables & Salad – 421 Cals
  • Menchies Frozen Yoghurt – 393 Cals

Total – 1947 Cals

IMG-20150711-WA0007 IMG-20150711-WA0006


  • Breakfast – Protein Oats with Nuts, Fruit & Peanut Butter – 538 Cals
  • Lunch – Chicken Omelette – 422 Cals
  • Dinner – Chicken Tikka Masala & Rice – 580 Cals
  • Apple – 95 Cals

Total – 1635 Cals

…Much better!!!! 

It’s pretty good to see a decent week of food when I write this up. It’s unbelievable how down it can make you feel when you look back to see a whole load of crap lined up each day.

I finally got round to making some Proats (recipe here) to have for breakfast, as I am trying to stay away from the processed stuff at breakfast. The scrambled egg on the breakfast buffet is full of butter (thats ALL you can taste) and I was beginning to rely on bread, which I didn’t want to really do. So I thought I’d grab a bag of oats from the supermarket and make my own. They’re so easy and amazing for post-workout fuel!

Next week I’m looking at a solid week of good-ness. It’s the birthday of one of Matt’s colleagues – but I’m going to make a promise to you now that I will not be drinking and I will choose healthy options if we head out to dinner. I’m fed up of seeing the same numbers on the scales – up a couple of kg, down a couple of kg – it’s all been the same for the past couple of weeks. I’ve just got to control myself and I’ll reap the benefits.

Onto the next one….

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  1. Thank you for detailing this all down, it reminds me that healthier food doesn’t mean only salads. I’m trying to stop the junk food completely so this really motivated me 😀


    1. You’re welcome Rachael. Im not a huge fan of salads so I always need to find other stuff!! Xxx


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