That Review: Texas Roadhouse, Yas Mall

This week, Matt’s colleagues suggested we all went out for dinner over at Yas Mall.

On that particular evening, most people were fancying a steak, and so we headed over to Texas Roadhouse, which is part of the cascade dining at the mall (where all the pretty fountains are).


We’d walked past this place every time we’ve been to the mall (which is A LOT) and it’s always been bustling with people… always a good sign in my books!

The Texas Roadhouse story is simple. Legendary Food, Legendary Service® — 
all with lots of Legendary Fun!

We’ll see shall we….?

When we wandered over to the row of restaurants by the fountains, we found that Texas Roadhouse was by far the busiest, and I was a little worried that they wouldn’t have a table for us. We are still in the Holy Month of Ramadan, so with the sun having only just set, everyone was of course wanting to eat. Nevertheless, we wandered over to the front desk and asked whether they had space for the six of us, requesting a table outside by the fountains. Their communication system was through radio’s, so the guy at the front desk didn’t even need to leave us on our own to check whether we could head outside (a big plus) – but unfortunately on this occasion we couldn’t. Oh well – a table inside in one of the booths was perfectly fine for us!

Drinks were offered straight away from our friendly server who took the time to introduce herself at the table, and we were then left to have a look at the menu & enjoy the bucket of monkey nuts which had been placed on the table. A funny little touch, but I liked the theming & authenticity of it all.


She Had…

Grilled Salmon with Salad & Fresh Vegetables

He Had…

Dallas Fillet Steak with Mashed Potato & Honey Glazed Carrots

Others Had…

Rib-Eye Steaks, Rib Kickers, Steak Fries, Sweetcorn, Mashed Potato, Vegetables & Honey Glazed Carrots

When the food arrived – everyone was open mouthed at the sheer size of some of the cuts of meat, and the kickers that accompanied them were just over the top huge!!!

Considering the different cuts of meat, different preferences of how the guys wanted their steaks cooked and my salmon thrown into the mix – all of our meals came out at exactly the same time and were all cooked perfectly. Our server asked everyone to cut into their steaks before they left us to enjoy to ensure that everyone was satisfied with their meal – another great touch and something I think all steakhouses should adopt.

Soft drinks were bottomless, and so they just kept on coming to the tables – showing that our servers were constantly observing us and making sure we had everything we needed (fab!), but maybe coming a little too soon sometimes as it was a little overwhelming.

I didn’t hear a peep out of the guys during the meal, apart from plenty of appreciating mmmm’s and aaaahhh’s as they dug in. Proper man-food!

“Best steak I’ve ever had” – Matthew Bennett

I’m always a bit weary of salmon, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about with my meal. Cooked beautifully, and it tasted absolutely gorgeous. The vegetables I had with it were lovely, and I even snuck one of Matt’s honey roasted carrots onto my plate…incred! ❤ I’m really glad that there were plenty of healthy options on the menu, including soups and salads (just order them with the dressing on the side to control how much you have). The steaks can all be cooked with or without sauces as well – so if you’re looking for pure protein – this is the place to go!

The only thing I didn’t particularly like was how the server cleared our table. We were sat in a booth, and as anyone who’s ever worked in hospitality will know, they are pretty difficult to clear in the first place. Me and Matt were right at the back, and finished our meals first, and the server wanted to take our plates before the others had finished. This meant passing our plates over everyone else’s heads/food – which is just something I don’t generally like doing as I think it disturbs the other people at the table. I understand it from the restaurant side of things, they want to clear the table quickly and efficiently, but sometimes I believe it’s best to leave it until everyone has finished. A small gripe to have for such awesome food!

Every member of staff that we came across was incredibly friendly and smily – and they all looked as if they enjoyed working together at Texas Roadhouse (the back of their t-shirts even says so!). They were amazing and split our bill for us (which was a HUGE help) and waited patiently as some paid with card and some with cash. These little things are what makes a visit out to a restaurant much more enjoyable.

Our bill came to 222 AED, and this equates to roughly £39.00. Not too bad considering Matt had one of the more expensive steaks.

#TiffyTopTip – The Kickers that you can order alongside a steak are HUGE – so maybe share or have a smaller steak with it.



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