That 35th Exercise Diary…

This week has been a bit of a weird one! I got ill early in the week which meant the work outs weren’t quite what they could have been. Though I still got up on Tuesday and completed leg day, I wasn’t on top form by a long shot!


With free access to the gym at Crowne Plaza Yas Island – we don’t really have an excuse not to go to the gym!

Every weight/speed that’s gone up is in red

Read my exercise diary from the past week below:

Monday – HIIT & Weights


15 mins – 5 Gradient – 15.5kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Supersets (Repeat x 4)

Superset 1 – Drag Curls (35lbs/15kgs x 10)  / Dumbell Upright Rows (25lbs/11kgs each arm x 10)

Superset 2 – One Arm Shoulder Press (25lbs/11kgs each arm x 10) / Tricep Dips x 10

Superset 3 – Chest Press (26kgs x 10) / Press Up x 10


Bicep 5’s – x 3


Tuesday – Leg Day


5 Sets of 10 @ 50kgs

Supersets (Repeat x 3)

Superset 1 – Good Mornings (75lbs/35kg Bar x 10) / Calf Raises (75lbs/35kg Bar x 20)

Superset 2 – Leg Curl (Level 5 x 10) / Leg Extensions (54kg x 10)

Finisher (Repeat x 3)

40kg Glute Bridge x 10

I was supposed to to do an evening workout and head to Yas Marina F1 track to cycle 15km, but I started feeling ill throughout the day and just wasn’t up to it – so I listened to my body and rested.

Wednesday – Rest/Sick Day

Thursday – Cardio

I was still feeling quite ill, but Matt wanted to go to the gym to help complete his July Challenge – so I went along with him and did 30 minutes on the cross trainer on level 6.

Friday – HIIT & Abs


15 mins – 5 Gradient – 16kph

20 Seconds On / 40 Seconds Off

Supersets (Repeat x 4)

Superset 1 – 10kg Weighted Crunch x 10 / 10kg Russian Twist x 10

Superset 2 – Spiderman Push Ups x 10 / Swiss Ball Roll Up x 10

Superset 3 – Cable Crunch Level 5 x 10 / 47kg Back Extension x 10

Saturday – Full Body

30 Min Crosstrainer – Level 6 / Averaging 15kph

30 second sprints every 5 minutes over 20kph

Circuit (Repeat x 3)

Chest Press – 40kg x 5

Leg Extension – 75kg x 5

Shoulder Press – 11kg each x 5

Leg Curl – Level 6 x 5

Seated Row – 40kg x 5

Leg Press – Level 7 x 5

Back Extension – 82kg x 5

Calf Raise – 57.5kg x 10


Sunday – Water Park / Rest Day

I can’t really call it a rest day with all the bloody stairs that we climbed – but we spent a good 5 hours at the water park and that was a good little bit of exercise!

Not a bad week of workouts for us- but not the best. Unfortunately dehydration getting hold of me messed up our week slightly, but we’ll get right back on track again.

Next week I’m looking at being super healthy with my foods, and tailoring our workouts to suit the different events/meetings that we’ve got going on during the week. We’re heading over to Dubai on Tuesday to visit a friend who’s staying there, and so I’m going to work hard to make sure that I don’t mess things up nutritionally and stay on track!


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