That Day at Center Parcs…

For our last day with my family, me and Matt went up to Center Parcs, Elveden Forest to hang out for the day and spend some strong fam time together.

We love a day at Center Parcs, and I am lucky enough to have two sisters that work there, and so day passes are in abundance. #Win. A quick sign on at security and we’re off!!

For the first part of the day it was me, Matt and my little sister Jayde. We decided to head over to the Cycle Center and grab some bicycles so we could get around park quickly (plus one with a trailer for all of our bags) and we headed down into the village square…


One of the main reasons I love spending a day at Center Parcs is because I know it’s going to be a super-active day, with all the amazing activities available to us. There’s indoor sports, swimming, golf, water sports, high wires and all kind of extras!

We kicked off with badminton to start, where we got a little bit very competitive, and then we headed outside to see if there was any space on the high wires – and luckily, there was! I’ve only ever done the high ropes at Sherwood Center Parcs, and so this was a new one for me. Neither Matt or Jayde had done it before at all, so we were really looking forward to it.

After being all strapped up and connected to our harnesses, we were off! The course was made up of plenty of different challenges and obstacles, including ropes, swinging steps & zip-lines, with the BIG one at the end. The start of it was higher than the tree-tops, and the whole zip line went alllll the way across the main lake and finished on the far side of the beach – incredible! The whole thing lasted around an hour, and caused plenty of laughs along the way (mainly with my sister being a bit of a wimp lol)

After the fun of the high-wires, we had some time to spare before my big sister Naomi showed up with her little’un Rupert, so we went on a little bike ride around Center Parcs, up to The Forrester’s Inn for a drink. Thankfully, the sun came out for us and we had a really good laugh.

Love this shot…

Matt has recently received his Apple Watch, and he’s been super excited about using it. The ‘Activity’ app is really good at showing him his movements throughout the day, and we figured out that we could set it up for when we were cycling around, so it logged everything for him, including the badminton and wandering around Center Parcs too! He loves randomly checking his heart rate, just to prove he’s done a bit of exercise…   *cough*GEEK*cough*

As soon as Rupert arrived with Naomi, all he was shouting was ‘BOATTTT, BOAAAATTTT‘ so of course, we had to go down on to the lake. A couple of pedalos between us, the sun shining and happy faces all around made for a perfect afternoon. Rupert loves the water, so Naomi had a bit of a challenge keeping hold of him as he hung over the edge – but he loved waving back to me and Matt, and we got in a bit of exercise chasing their pedalo around the lake (and trying to avoid steering into the fountain)… #LegDay

We were all a bit knackered after that, so we went to have a sit down outside Sports Cafe with a beer in the sun while Rupert ran around in the park and waited for Mummy Barrett, who was coming to join us after work. Ideal.

Of course, after a day of fitness related tasks, we needed to completely undo it by eating in the restaurant my sister works in – Hucks. The all-American diner, where the calories always count!

We Both Had…

To Start

Chicken Wing Platter

For Mains

BBQ Texan Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

He Had..

Pecan Pie

She Had…

Peanut Butter Stack with Bourbon Cream

IMG-20150610-WA0012 IMG-20150610-WA0013

Coupled with plenty of drinks and a whole load of laughs, we had a really lovely evening together.

Naomi had to leave after dinner to take Rupert home, so the first round of goodbyes happened there… once Naomi sheds a tear, so does mum – so as you can imagine, it all went a bit downhill for a minute or two.

We decided on a bit more movement after dinner, a couple of games of Bowling at Leisure Bowl. I love the atmosphere up there in the evening – the little’uns have mostly gone to bed, and the groups of young adults are always out to have a good time. Started off my first game strong, but went a bit rubbish after that to be honest! Matt ended up winning both games (fix) – and I think Jayde just gave up when she started skipping and bowling backwards between her legs… =\

All in all, we had a great day at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest – one of my most favourite places which holds the most memories of being with family and friends. Full of fun fitness activities to keep everyone busy (and knacker us out) and somewhere I’ll never tire of going to..



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  1. Great account of your day at Center Parcs. Marvellous photography too. Glad to hear you had a good time. Enjoy Abu Dhabi !


    James Barrett
    General Manager, Elveden Forest Center Parcs


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