That Week Thirty-One…

This week has been really good. We’ve seen some friends & family before leaving for Abu Dhabi next week and we’ve had the apartment all packed up into containers to be shipped across. Food & exercise definitely wasn’t on the right track at the beginning this week, and I’m really feeling it – but there’s not much I can do about it now, and I just need to move on.

Here’s last week in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Enjoying eating out at The Botanist in Birmingham (read about that here)

– Being able to have laaavly hot bacon & eggs for breakfasts this week as we’ve not had to get up and go to work

– Enjoying some time with Matt’s parents before they went off on holiday, and other family over the weekend

That Bad Week…

– Exercise absolutely sucking at the beginning of the week, followed by injuring my knee so that I couldn’t work out at the end of the week.

– Struggling with a pain in my knee on Friday night, but with absolutely no idea why!!

– Constant battling with myself to try and stay as healthy as possible when unsettled & surrounded by temptation

Next Week…

Next week in the last week that me and Matt have in the UK!! How bloomin’ exciting!!! We are heading from Essex to my family’s in Suffolk to spend some time with them before we leave (and to pick up the rest of my stuff) and then we are heading down to Heathrow on Friday afternoon to stay there before our morning flight on Saturday!

This is obviously the hardest time for us to get in exercise and regulate our diets, but we will obviously try our hardest to keep on the straight and narrow!!! We have decided and agreed between us that we want to be healthy from the get go, so I am really looking forward to finally being settled somewhere where we are actually able to do it…

Food Diary will be up tomorrow 🙂