That Review: The Botanist, Birmingham

Birmingham is an amazingly foodie city, and somewhere that I have fallen in love with, for exactly that reason!!

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to go to The Botanist – somewhere that was on mine & Matt’s ‘To Do’ List (or maybe we should call it a ‘To Eat’ list). The Botanist has only 6 locations in the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Chester, Arderley Edge and of course Birmingham.

It’s mission statement..?

A concept like no other, offering a soon to be world-famous selection of botanical cocktails, craft beers and ales, Champagne and wine. Food inspired by the deli, rotisserie and BBQ. With live music every night, sublime social times are guaranteed!

Walking up to the iron gates, my excitement obviously grew (our friends would have called me giddy). I had heard a lot about this restaurant/bar chain, and I had followed the lead up to it’s opening in Birmingham in March this year, when it was firmly added to ‘The List’.

As it was the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, we hadn’t needed to book a table, but I’ve been told that it’s a necessity in the evenings and crucial at the weekends.

The decor inside was lovely, all rustic and wooden, with mis-matched furniture, comfy armchairs, old school chandeliers and watering cans hanging from the ceilings. We were seated right in front of the open plan kitchen (which I LOVE watching) on a long wooden table with benches.


Even the menu’s looked cool! One for food, one for wine and cocktails and one purely for the massive array of beers that The Botanist stocked. Me and Matt both went for one of the ‘Brewers & Botanists’ – a perfect combination as we couldn’t decide between cocktails and beer. A cocktail, perfectly made to suit the beer it is served with…

He Drank…

Number One
Mint, lime juice, passion fruit syrup and pineapple juice with a splash of Wray and Nephew

Served with a bottle of Innis & Gunn Rum Finish


She Drank…

Number Three
Dried pink rose buds, rose syrup, pineapple and lime juices, Amaretto Disaronno and Southern Comfort

Served with a bottle of Kona Big Wave


Others Drank…

Specialist Gin & Tonic

The Botanist Cocktail – Green Mark vodka, Havana 3 rum, elderflower liqueur, red amaranth, mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice topped with lemonade

English Mojito – Fresh cucumber, lime juice, mint, apple juice, Beefeater gin and apple liqueur


  After looking at the food menu for a very very long time, and with the help of our server Niall, we all managed to settle on our food choices for the afternoon. The menu was relatively small (which to me, is always a good sign) but everything looked so good, it was hard to decide.

He Had…

Pork Crackling with chilli, spring onion and sweet apple sauce

Followed by…

Chicken & Chorizo Pie, with gravy and mashed potato


She Had…

Pork Crackling with chilli, spring onion and sweet apple sauce

Followed by…

Chicken Hanging Kebab, Sopped with sweet chilli, ginger and garlic butter


Others Had…

Cumberland & Pork Chipolatas, with honey grain mustard

Salt & Pepper Onion Petals, with sour cream

Followed by…

Scampi & Chips, with tartar sauce

Flattened Rump, seasoned with garlic and chilli salt


The reaction from everyone when the food was brought to the table was of excitement and awe. The Hanging Kebabs in particular were really something to behold – and when the sauce was tipped from the top and dripped allllll the way down to the chips at the bottom, all we could do is watch with our mouths open!

Everyone absolutely loved every aspect of the food brought to the table, and there were no complaints or even minor adjustments that we would make. All of our dishes were full of flavour, extremely satisfying and nice and filling. Our server did change half way through our time there, and it was a lovely little touch of Niall to let us know and pass us over to the new member of staff looking after us.

We were too full for desserts, but still had room for another cocktail (obvs)….


The Pornstar Martini – one of my all-time favourite cocktails – and made absolutely beautifully at The Botanist, Birmingham.

When the bill came, we did have a little chuckle that our drinks bill came to more than our food bill, but between the 5 of us, we spent £32.00 per person on plenty of food, plenty of drink, and an amazing setting. We had spent a lovely afternoon in The Botanist, and I would definitely go back.

I’d like to go back on a busy weekend, and I would hope that the service and standards would be exactly the same – and when I visit any of the other cities with their version of The Botanist, I’d love to visit them too!

TiffyTopTip: Get yourself a table booked and get down there sharpish!!!


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