That Week Thirty…

This week has been really great. We started off beautifully with a BBQ at Matt’s parents house for Bank Holiday, then both of us finishing up at work, leaving do’s, hangovers, cake and pressies – and still managing to hit up some exercise!!

Here’s last week in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Eating well at the BBQ and enjoying mostly healthy foods (see what I ate here)

– Smashing up the exercise with a #Strong leg day with some PB’s (exercise diary here)

– Finding out where our Temporary Housing will be in Abu Dhabi

– Having a really fun night out for Matt’s leaving do!

– Getting out for a run on Sunday, even though I really didn’t want to

That Bad Week…

– Being sad leaving all of the guys at work. They’ve all been wonderful, helpful and supportive and I’ll definitely miss them!! Read all about my last day here.

– The downward food spiral I went on Thursday on my last day food wise – oops!

– Indulging in take away pizza on Sofa Saturdays (hungover much?!!)

Next Week…

Well, next week it’s all go-go-go! We are seeing some friends on Tuesday and then we are having all of our stuff packed up into a container to head to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. The next time we’ll see it is when we get our new house over there. EEEEEK!

After that we are heading back down to Essex to stay at Matt’s parents so we can say our goodbyes before they head off on holidays. We’ll be flitting between theirs and my mums so that we can see everyone before we leave. Busy busy Bee’s!!