That 30th Exercise Diary…

This week has been a bit all over the place. With not being at work on Monday, it threw off the week right from the very start, but I made sure we didn’t miss the Monday workout and I tried to carry on the week pretty strong.


Read my exercise diary from the past week below – Remember, weights in red mean I upped it from last week:

Monday – Cardio

Nailed a 5km run with Matt in the morning. We knew that we had the BBQ, so we thought that we better start the day off well and go for a little run. And we were going pretty strong until Matt’s knee blew out *sad face*

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Leg Day


Smith Machine Squats

  • 5 Sets of 10 @ 45kg

Supersets (repeat x 3)

  • Superset 1 – Good Mornings (30kg Bar x 10) / Calf Raises (45kg Smith Machine x 20)
  • Superset 2 – Seated Leg Curl (42.5kg x 10) / Leg Extensions (55kg x 10)
  • Superset 3 – Hip Adduction (75kg x 10) / Standing Hip Abduction (75kg x 10)
  • Superset 4 – 50kg Glute Bridge x 10 / 55kg Deadlift x 5

Thursday – Cardio

Today I did a 45 minute Spinning Class before my last day at work (to counter balance the cake I ate!!)

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Cardio

After Friday & Saturday – I just HAD to do some exercise, so I finished off the week with a 4 mile run.


So…now I don’t have a gym, I am really going to have to pull it out of the bag to keep the exercise up. Hopefully Matt is going to want to get involved too, and so we’ll go on a couple of runs and use the weights bench until it all gets packed up.

Now we know where we are being placed in the temporary housing in Abu Dhabi when we get there, I’ve managed to find out that it has a ‘Fitness Center’ and pool. Ideal. At least we will be able to exercise as soon as we are out there, and won’t have to worry about searching for a gym right away.

We are really looking forward to the next couple of weeks, seeing friends and saying out goodbyes. I know the food isn’t going to be perfect, but hopefully if I keep up some exercise, there won’t be too much damage made!

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      1. Oh yes!! Hahah love an primary bargain every now and again. Also nice to see some UK stores mentioned, I’m sick of seeing forever 21 shopping hauls from USA 😥


      2. I shop in Forever 21 in London and Birmingham. I do love their gym stuff too ☺☺ there’s an online store which is great! But h&m and Primark win for me at the moment xx

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      3. Ive actually been recently going to the proper sports shops like Sports direct and JD, I think they’ve cottoned on to the fact that the fashion retailers are doing sportswear now and have bumped the prices down/put sales on on most of the women stuff!! I got an adidas vest top for £6 and a pair of USA PRO trainers for £16 down from £55!?x


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