That Body (June)…

I can’t believe that yet ANOTHER month has past! 7 months into this fitness journey and I’ve gone and done it again – taken more steps back than forward. *sad face*

The only thing is – I know exactly where I’m going wrong! It’s laughable really; one day I do incredibly well and feel really good, and the next I don’t exercise, eat what I want and then go and complain about it! One day I’ll learn.

But, even though I’ve taken some little steps back this month, I am SO determined to get back on track in Abu Dhabi. We’re taking it as a new beginning, and new start and a chance to create our healthier lifestyle. Matt is really up for it and so am I, so it all looks really promising for us.

Let’s have a look at my weights & measurements, progress photos and more…

Weights and Measurements

I really didn’t want this to be the time when I’d take more steps back than I have forward, but it’s happened and I am going to have to deal with it and move on. From May to June I have gained some weight, and I generally just look less muscly and toned. I have gained 1/2 inch on my waist, and I know that I need this to go back down next month so that I look leaner.

Here are the weights/measurements details from beginning to end:

 Screenshot_2015-05-29-08-30-13 Screenshot_2015-05-29-08-36-05

As you can see, I have gained some weight, but my body fat has gone down!!

I went to the gym in my home town and they have body fat scales, so I jumped on to see what they said. I also got on my own scales and took a measurement, which turned out to be different, so I decided to take the average of the two…(even though I would have loved to just keep the lower one)

20150529_073948 20150527_084350

I think it’s good to take more than one measurement and take the average – the more the merrier really, but I only had these two to hand for this month. I really want to do a Bod Pod measurement because they are super accurate, but I contacted one close to Matts house and they didn’t have anything available 😦

Check out my full exercise diary’s from May:

Week 1     /     Week 2    /    Week 3    /    Week 4   /   Week 5

So, all in all, from day dot, this is what has changed: 

Weight – Say bye bye to 8 pounds

Belly Measurement (biggest part) – 4 inches smaller

Belly Button Measurement – 4.5 inches smaller

Waist Measurement (smallest part) – 1.5 inches smaller

Thigh (biggest part) – 2 inches smaller

That’s a total of 12 inches lost!

And here goes with the progress photos…

 PicsArt_1432882356266 PicsArt_1432882408544

From the beginning in November to today, I am of course looking much better, but  as you can see, I’ve got fluffier between May & June. I will be really happy next month if I can get back to how I looked at the beginning of May.

As I mentioned before, me and Matt have decided and are committed to a healthier new life in Abu Dhabi, where we will be able to shop well, prep well, and exercise lots outdoors. There’s a gym and swimming pool in our temporary housing when we get out there, so there really is no excuse not to kick it all off straight away!

The Plan Going Forward…

The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic with going between friends and families saying our goodbyes, but I am determined to keep exercising and eating well as much as we can.

I know where I am going wrong, snacking lots and sometimes not the best foods – so I am going to try really hard to ensure that all of my food is clean & healthy. I will allow myself a re-feed meal at the end of the week if I’ve done well, but this meal isn’t going to be full of processed foods, it’s just going to be something that I feel is a little more indulgent than the rest of the week.

Considering the amount that I work out – I will still be consuming 1700 calories on a workout day, and 1500 on a rest day. I am on MyFitnessPal if you want to follow my diary (here).

As always, your support and comments are always helpful, and you guys are the ones that keep me accountable (aka make me admit when I’ve eaten something wrong or not exercised).


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  1. You are doing great. Don’t track those numbers too much, there really isn’t the need. Just go with how you feel. Seriously. And maybe have a talk with a nutritionist, I think you’re eating very few calories. Maybe more protein, more weights, less cardio? I have a friend who’s into body building (and eats a ton 🙂 who could give you some tips –


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m always scared I’m not eating enough and then too scared to up my calories 😂 vicious circle!!! I’ll definitely take a look – thank you xxx


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