That Last Day…

That’s It…

It’s all come around so quickly! It feels like yesterday that I handed in my seven weeks notice to Bedford Lodge Hotel.


Getting the job as the Wedding Coordinator at Bedford Lodge was incredible! I’d only been home a few weeks from Summer season, and had only been to a couple of interviews, but after two meetings at the hotel, I got the job!

After working with the Highfield Event Group for two years before heading off for seasons, I had really fallen in love with organising events (my OCD of planning definitely helped!!). My particular favourites had always been Weddings, because I loved working with the Bride & Groom. It was always a lovely journey, and I always said that I’d love to be a wedding planner! And so here I was, being exactly what I wanted to be! Amazing.

So the last six months have been pretty cool. I managed to pick up the job role really quickly, got to know my couples really well and coordinated a fair few weddings at this beautiful venue. 🙂

And of course I met the loveliest people who I worked with every single day in the hotel – people who have watched me go through this rollercoaster of a Fitness Journey, alongside my long-ish distance relationship with Matt and all of these amazing weddings that I have had the pleasure to be part of. They may have persuaded me to join in on ‘Shortbread Fridays’ once or twice, but they’ve been amazingly supportive, encouraging and helpful throughout all of it (with plenty of likes and comments on my Instagram and Facebook photos)

So… in true fashion, my last day was filled with happy/sad, laughing, joking…and of course…CAKE!

Red Velvet is my favouritist of favourites (they know me so well) and I loved my little leaving banner.

#FabbyInAbuDhabi is definitely something that I am going to carry on! Trending worldwide?!!! 😉

I received two lovely bunches of flowers and a beautiful scarf to add to my Abu Dhabi collection. We changed Shortbread Fridays to Shortbread Thursdays and had afternoonsies, and then Eloise came in and gave me an ickle housewarming gift! Spoilt much?!

I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Bedford Lodge, and I am going to miss everyone loads and loads. It’s definitely one of those places that’ll I’ll keep in touch with, and hopefully some of the girls will come out and visit me and Matt in Abu Dhabi.

Now I just need to find a wedding planning job in the UAE – anyone know anyone? 😉


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