That Week Twenty-Nine…

This week has again been pretty good, both nutritionally and with my exercise. I’ve thrown in some HIIT on a few of the days to try and trick my body a bit, and I have stuck to some good splits on my macros..!

Here’s last week in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Making an incredible protein cheesecake (recipe here)

– Finding some good chicken curry recipes (see here) to try out with the family

– Seeing Matt on Sunday with his parents, after having Afternoon Tea with my family

– Putting in an application to have a Bod Pod assessment – yay!!

– Selling my car yay!!

That Bad Week…

– Having one of my mini breakdowns on Friday, when I think all of this hard work is getting me nowhere.

– Struggling to find a goal to work towards when we are so in limbo with the move to Abu Dhabi

Next Week…

Next week I am spending bank holiday Monday with Matt and his parents. There is talk of a BBQ, which I am very excited for – but I do want to try and stay healthy. Matt has agreed to go on a run in the morning with me (yay) so that’ll be a good start to the day. I’m making the amazing Protein Cheesecake to take down with me so that I have a dessert option too 🙂

I am going to head to the gym for my last couple of days at Bedford Lodge, and hopefully I can manage to talk Matt into doing some workouts with me while we don’t have a gym. Fingers crossed hey?! I know we have his leaving do on Friday, and I have already pre-ordered my food (a healthy Salad thank you) as I know that we’ll be having a couple few drinks.

Here’s to our last week at work…!!!