That Week Twenty-Eight…

This week has been so much better, both nutritionally and with exercise. Of course it helps when there isn’t a big occasion in the way to trip us up!

I’ve had a good week none-the less, getting more and more excited about Abu Dhabi after doing some research into Beach Club annual memberships for me and Matt (you know, the important stuff). We’ve decided that we’re going to need to ‘try before we buy’ so there will be a few day trips here and there to test the waters (literally) to see which one we want to join!

Here’s last week in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Sorting myself out nutritionally!

– Smashing out some strong lifting days

– Surprising Matt on Saturday evening after work and having a lovely lazy sofa day on Sunday (with popcorn!!!)

That Bad Week…

– The amount of actual pain I was in from Leg Day on Tuesday. Redic.

– Having a bit of a sweet tooth on Thursday and not really being able to get rid of it.

– Matt finishing off my incredible Easter Egg and not even saving me a SMIDGE!!!!!!!!!! (Angry Face)

– Having absolutely none of my stuff in my room at home apart from a mattress and some clothes, and so its starting to look like a bit of a crack den…

Next Week…

Well, with next week being my last full week at work, I am really going to take advantage of the gym membership I have there *sad face*. After finishing here at Bedford Lodge, I’m going to have to up my motivational game and make sure I exercise off my own back. Matt has a bench at his, so I will use that until all of our stuff gets shipped on June 3rd (EEEEEEEK) and then it really is home workout time. I wont even have a yoga mat to my name lol!

Nutritionally I am going to stick to the best I can. It’s really difficult with my sister now being home because it’s changed the dynamic of home and cooking/eating etc. She’s on the slimming world diet where she can eat as much rice, pasta, potatoes as she wants (wtf?!!) and so she wants different things than me, but I am just trying to stick to my guns and my nutritional plan just for the next week or two until I leave that house…! I will prevail lol!