That Birthday Present…

I am a very very lucky girl….

For my birthday back in April (read all about that here) my lovely boyfriend Matt had told me that he wanted to take me down to London for the day. Now, London is my favourite place on Earth (so far) and so I was over the moon to be heading down there to be all touristy and stuff… but on the morning of my birthday, he gave me my card and inside it said ‘We’re going to Nike Town so you can create your own trainers’

Oh. Em. Gee

I was super duper excited – giddy almost – when we got to Nike Town on Regent Street, and we went inside to get started!

Photo 07-04-2015 18 17 19

Thank GOD there were people inside to help us out. Being the most indecisive person is not good in this situation! I guess that TONNES of people go into the store and play on the computers that they have set up, create ‘their’ trainers and then don’t bother going ahead with the actual purchase. I suppose I’d do it if I had known about it before, but I was a complete newby, and I needed help.

Unfortunately, I think the poor girl that I dealt with had gone through a lot of customers in the store that are just there to play around, and so she didn’t take me too seriously straight off the bat, but as soon as she realised that we were actually there to buy something, she was more than helpful.

Firstly, I had to choose which shoe I wanted. Jeez, I didn’t know! But thankfully, I had help. The girl asked me what I wanted them for (gym training), and pointed me towards the right pair. They were the Nike Free TR 5 ID’s.

The lightweight, engineered mesh upper has open areas for breathability and closed areas for training-specific support.

After checking out a real life pair on the shelf to make sure I liked them, we sat down to have a play around…

Photo 07-04-2015 13 12 55Photo 07-04-2015 13 10 54

I’m pretty sure we were there for hours!

There were so many things to think about – I could change colours of every little segment, laces, bands, the insides and even the type of mesh – but the hardest part for me was the Nike ID itself. Those six little letters on the tongue of the trainers took the longest to figure out, but I finally did it (to the relief of Matt, I’m sure) and with the biggest grin on my face, he went and bought them for me for my birthday.

Fast-Forward 4.5 Weeks…


Oh. Em. Gee!!!

These little beauties arrived whilst I was up at Matts for the weekend, so I was itching to get home and crack them open on Sunday!

How beaut are they?!!!

To be honest, I didn’t even want to wear them. They just seem so precious that I didn’t want to put them on my actual feet and use them. I could just frame them, right?

But no, I chose to wear them this morning – and on leg day of all days, and I felt good! I even wore all black, ninja style, so that they would stand out even more…

20150512_055259 20150512_063316

I love them.

I love them.

I Love Them!

Big huge love and thanks to Matt for the bestest birthday pressie, and to Nike for getting them to me before we headed off to Abu Dhabi!!! Phew!

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