That Week Twenty-Seven…

With the goal Wedding looming even closer, I really tried my hardest to keep my focus and stay healthy this week. I had my monthly weigh-in last Friday (read about that here) and not only was it the monthly, it was my SIX MONTH transformation update….eeeek!

Here is last week in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Enjoying the last couple of days in Abu Dhabi, really being able to get our heads around things and starting to look forward to moving there

– Having an absolute blast at the Wedding on Saturday and drinking waaaaay more that we ever thought we could

– Moshing at the Twin Atlantic gig (where I lost my Jawbone UP24 and consequently found it again – YAY!)

– My Nike ID’s arriving!!! (Watch out for the post about them)

– My little sister just rocking up back home after being off travelling for 2 and a half years!!

That Bad Week…

– Not exercising very well at all 😦

– Packing up all of my room and having absolutely nothing left at home for the last 5 weeks

– Being a bad blogger and posting the weekly’s a day late… naughty Tifflaa

This Week…

This week I am getting my head back in the game both with the exercise and nutrition… I really need to make sure I am at the top of my game so that I can get back on track. I am really debating giving up alcohol completely – because I really think it hinders my progress (it sinks your metabolism up to 70%) but I really don’t know if and how I could do it.

I’ve always been the person that doesn’t buy a workout plan or nutritional plan, but I keep seeing the Kayla guides or Body Coach 90 day plan on Instagram, and it really makes me think that I want to get involved with them because the transformation photos are just incredible. What do you guys think? Have any of you had any good reviews of these plans, or friends that have? Let me know, because I’d love to hear from you… xxx