That 27th Exercise Diary…

Not going to lie – not a lot of exercise was done last week. So so busy, and I feel really bad for not doing a lot…


Nevertheless, read my daily diary below:

MondayΒ – Random Day

  • 20 min jog @ 10kph
  • 30 x 27kg Chest Press
  • 30 x 36kg Back Extension
  • 30 x 25kg Lat Pulldown
  • 30 x 23kg Seated Row

Tuesday – Off Day

WednesdayΒ – Moving Day

Me and Matt moved all of my stuff from my house in Suffolk to his in Birmingham so that it can all be shipped to Abu Dhabi in June – that’s a lifting day, right?!

Thursday – Moving Day 2

We unloaded the van up two flights of stairs today – owie!!!

Friday – Gig Day

We went to see Twin Atlantic today, so I’m saying thatΒ the dancing counted as my exercise πŸ˜‰

Saturday –Β Wedding Day

Sunday – Rest Day

This week of exercise has not been good. But I’ve admitted it and I am ready to crack on! This week I am going to do a full plan all week and really smash it out.. hopefully getting rid of the bad weekend of food and drink! I’m working towards beach bod now for Abu Dhabi…so definitely gotta get those abs back out!!

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