That New Chapter….

We’ve got a bit of news….!!


After a process of 5-6 months, we’re finally really excited to tell you that we’re moving to Abu Dhabi!! How bloody exciting!

You may have seen some Instagram or Twitter updates over the weekend of us enjoying our time over in the UAE – but we weren’t just there for a holiday. We spent our time there with our own personalised Project Manager/Tour Guide who took us around the city and showed us all of those little things that you can’t Google. We looked at various different areas to live in and loads of different apartments. We also learnt about the culture and the way of life, which we both found really helpful. We were only there for two full days, but it was an invaluable trip.


One of the main things I was worried about with a move over there was the fact that I obviously really want to keep up the exercise and fitness, and so this was one of our criteria’s when looking for places to live. It turns out that I really won’t have to worry at all 🙂 A lot of the compounds and living areas that we looked at all have a gym within them, with classes included as well. There is a LOT of sport going on at the beaches, on the water and within the city. There’s even a dedicated sports city that I am looking forward to exploring.

I think it’ll be really fun to try new stuff when we’re in a new country, and I can’t wait to tell you all what we get up to! Obviously with the move any everything, all of our routines are being thrown off a bit, but I am going to try my hardest to stick with the exercising and eating well and ensure when we get out there we get starting on things straight away.

Living just with Matt, I think that our food is going to be much better as well, as I don’t have to worry about cooking for mum and wondering whether she is going to like whatever it is I’m throwing together. We both like to eat healthily and we love trying new things, so I’m very excited for that.

We’ve already found some bars that we like, down at the Marina, and we will obviously love eating out at every opportunity we can. Theres a Groupon over there, with loads of 2 for 1 deals for restaurants, so it will kind of force us to go somewhere new, which is awesome!

I’m so excited for the new chapter of my fitness journey, and I’m looking forward to being able to write about it and share it all with you. Abu Dhabi is such an amazing place, and with Dubai so close as well – we really aren’t going to let this opportunity go to waste…


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