That Six Month Body (May)…

“Motivation is what gets you started…

….Habit is what keeps you going!”

I honestly can’t believe that I am sat here writing this blog post six months down the line and into my very own Fitness Journey.

 I remember being sat at Matt’s place writing my first ever blog post (here), determined to get my life and my body back on track after spending two years working seasons in France, Switzerland, Mallorca & Ibiza. I also remember looking back at my pre-season life – gyming constantly, working continuously, and being the fittest (physically) that I had ever been…

 …Or so I thought.

Looking back on my pre-season self makes me really happy – because I now know that I have flown passed those previous fitness levels, I am leaner and stronger, and am working towards bigger and better goals. I can run further (if I really have to), lift heavier & I smile more when I look in the mirror. Even though I sometimes don’t believe it – my body confidence is at a all-time high!

I won’t pretend it’s all been rainbows and fairy dust though…

At the beginning, I thought it was all going to be hunky dory. “I’ve done it before, so I can do it again” was probably my exact wording. I was staying at Matt’s quite a bit, and so we were cooking up all kinds of yumminess that I had missed from being out of the UK, with quite a few beers and wines in the mix as well. Not ideal for someone trying to get back on track, but I hadn’t wanted to seem all particular over what I was eating and drinking…because who’s wants to be ‘that girl’ in a new relationship? Nope, not me!

 IMG_20150429_151530_803 IMG_20150429_151539_798

It was only when I stopped making Oreo cakes and flapjacks every weekend, started tracking my food again and started racking up the exercise hours, that I started to see the changes that I desperately wanted…and that made me happier than any Oreo cake could (yep, really!).

I’ve spent the last six months being overly strict on myself nutritionally at some points, and working myself too hard in the gym some weeks. I have focussed on trying to find balance in this crazy all-or-nothing fitness lifestyle, whilst juggling a new full time job and a boyfriend who lives 140 miles away from me. So I never want the hear the ‘Oh…I just don’t have time’ excuse when it comes to fitting in a work-out a few times a week. It can be done!

I’ve cried…oh, I’ve bloody cried…and there’s some things that I haven’t told Matt, my family or you guys in this little blog of mine. This six months hasn’t been all chicken salads and ab definition, and it’s definitely not been all rainbows and fairy dust, but guess what? I’ve got through it. Half a year of (mostly) working hard and focussing on what I want as the end goal, not what I think I want at that particular time. It’s definitely been more of a mental struggle than physical, but I honestly believe that I have overcome so many hurdles in the last six months which has got me to where I am now…

So, with that said, let’s have a look at where I’m at six months in: 

Weights and Measurements

Here are the weights/measurements details from the last month:

 Screenshot_2015-05-01-06-11-04 Screenshot_2015-05-01-06-39-45

Check out my full exercise diary’s from April:

Week 1     /     Week 2    /    Week 3    /    Week 4  /  Week 5

So, all in all, from day dot, six months ago… this is what’s changed: 

Weight – Say bye bye to 11 pounds

Belly Measurement (biggest part) – 4 inches smaller

Belly Button Measurement – 4.5 inches smaller

Waist Measurement (smallest part) – 2.5 inches smaller

Thigh (biggest part) – 2 inches smaller each

That’s a total of  15 inches lost!

And here goes with the progress photos…

 TimeLine  Side TimeLine

Having a look at the timelines of how my body has changed does make me really happy, because I’m really the only one that knows the effort that I have gone to to make those changes.

From start to finish:

November to May

The Plan Going Forward…

I’ve found that in the past couple of months, I haven’t really had a goal as such. I’ve just picked a plan from and got on with it, with no real reasoning. Yeah, the programmes that I picked were meant for fat loss/muscle growth, but there wasn’t really anything specific there to work towards.

What I plan to do in the next month is work hard to strengthen my legs and core. This means a LOT of compound movements (squats, deadlifts, press ups etc) with HIIT thrown in to blast away the last little bit of body fat. I’m really happy with my arms, shoulders and back at the moment – but I will make sure that I have a day each week to work out those body parts to keep them at the level they’re at. If anyone has any good workouts that they’ve tried and tested – pass them over so I can have a go!

Have a look at my food diary on MyFitnessPal, check out my exercise diaries here and let me know what you I can do to improve…

I started this blog to document my own journey, as making myself accountable for everything is what keeps me going. If even just one of my posts inspired you to go and workout one day, then that’s incredible and I’d love to hear from you. It’s strange, but we can have hundreds of fitness friends online, and yet spend the days in the gym on our own (or maybe that’s just me lol)