That Week Twenty-Five…

I really needed this week. Good nutrition, good exercise (diary here) – and my head back in the right place.

Here it is in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Getting my body confidence back on the last couple of days of the week. From birthday weekend until now, it’s taken 3 weeks to feel good again!

– Going out for dinner and cinema with my friends on Thursday and sticking to healthy choices! Go me!!

– Hitting up my first (and then second) spinning class

– Having a good ol’ clear out of all of my things in the loft/room and getting rid of everything that I didn’t need

– Trying on my outfit for the Wedding in two weeks time and loving it πŸ™‚

That Bad Week…

–Β Not seeing Matt this weekend *sad face* (but he’s off on a Stag do in Amsterdam – so I’ll let him off)

– Struggling on Friday with tiredness, so I didn’t manage to get to the gym. (Though I did then book a Spinning class for Saturday morning to combat it)

Next Week…

Β Next week needs just as much concentration as this week – really making sure that I get my head down and concentrate, get those workouts in and the nutrition on point. I have already planned food for the week, I just need to ensure that I stick to it.

As I mentioned before, me and Matt are going away on Saturday for a few days, but we need to stay on track. I need to ensure that taking a few days away from home isn’t going to affect my diet and exercise. I plan on trying to work out while we are away, but if I don’t get to – then I will definitely be making up for it next week before the Wedding.