That Afternoon Tea at Bedford Lodge Hotel…

Mothers Day wasn’t that long ago, and my mum bought hers an Afternoon Tea at Bedford Lodge Hotel as her gift. It’s taken us this long to get around to actually going, but on Sunday, we finally booked in and headed over to Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa in Newmarket, Suffolk for an afternoon treat…

Read on for ultimate food porn photos…

We booked in for 4pm, and when we walked in the bar there was a table reserved for us – clothed and layed with teacups and cutlery all ready for us. It was a nice big table in a bay window – the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm.

We had pre-booked the full afternoon tea at £15.00 per person, and as the staff already knew this – they offered us our choices of tea/coffee and went off to serve those up while we had a look at the menu:


After our tea’s and coffee’s were served, out came a lovely little plate stack with finger sandwiches on. The waitress explained that first we would have these, and when they were finished, our scones would be served…and after that – an amazing plate of cakes would be brought to us…. laaaavly!

We Had…

– Ham & Tomato Sandwiches

– Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sandwiches

 – Cheese & Cucumber Sandwiches

….which we started before I managed to get a photo… oops….

Nanna ate away in silence (a very good sign) and mum awed at how much filling there was in the sandwiches, and how nice the ham was… simple things 🙂 The waitress had told us that if we wanted to order more sandwiches then we could, and even though mum wanted some more of that ham, we stopped ourselves because we really wanted to enjoy the rest of the treats coming out…

The staff gave us a nice little break after the sandwiches, and then the scones were served…

We Had…

– Plain Scones

– Fruit Scones

– Strawberry Jam

 – Clotted Cream

– Lemon Curd

….and they were warmmmm – so incredible!

I thought that I would have a bit of everything, and nothing disappointed. The lemon curd was amazing on the warmth of a plain scone, and the clotted cream was delightfully thick (but we maybe needed a bit more between us – greedy guts).

One-and-a-half scones in – I was truthfully struggling, and Nan was obviously in the same boat. Mum however, was loving the scones so much, I don’t think it would have mattered if there were 4 or 5 each there – they’d still all be finished!

We thought nothing could top what we had just eaten, but what happened next was just rediculous…


Nanna’s face was an absolute picture when this was put on the table…

 On The Plate…

– Chocolate Fudge Cake

– Lemon Drizzle Cake

– Berry Coulis & Cream

– Toffee Macaroon

– Meringue

– Carrot & Walnut Cake

SIX!! Six cakes each. It seemed like a mean feat – but I was definitely prepared to give it my best shot (of course!!)

Everything was absolutely incredible, my favourite being the toffee macaroon. It was pure sugar (mum found it too sweet) but I thought it was deeeelightful. The berry coulis & cream came with a little chocolate spoon, which I thought was a really cool touch.

Nanna was struggling at this stage, and so was mum – but we recalled that the waitress mentioned that we could take home whatever we couldn’t manage, so we had the remainder of the cakes boxed up to take away with us.

All In All…

The Full Afternoon Tea at Bedford Lodge Hotel was absolutely lovely – ridiculously decadent and extremely filling. I’d definitely go back again for afternoonsies, but I’d tell myself that I probably definitely didn’t need lunch beforehand. For £15.00 per person, it’s definitely value for money and felt like a full 3 course meal. A definite yes!!