That Week Twenty-Four…

This was the week that I needed to get back on track! Solid exercise, good nutrition and consistency to counter-balance the weekend ahead!

Here it is in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Taking my Twirl Easter Egg into work to share out so that I didn’t eat it.

– Adding an extra little bit of exercise into my Tuesday by walking the dog in the evening.

– Being able to drive home with my roof down for TWO days!!

– Not giving in on Friday and having a beer with dinner when at Matts #WillPower

– Finally getting to go to Digbeth Dining Club (full write up this week)

– Enjoying the Football and pub evening with my lovely Matt (ALL the beers)

That Bad Week…

– Feeling like I have lost a lot of body confidence over the past couple of weeks. I really want to work hard and get it back, because it’s now affecting every day-ness.

Next Week…

Next week is back on it with the Elite Body Programme: Week 2. I like this programme because the workouts aren’t too long (which is perfect for my short attention span) and I can just see the numbers improving each week. It’s three weeks until the wedding now, so I am going to try my absolute hardest to make sure I look the best that I can for then!

Looking above at Good Week/ Bad Week – it’s really good to see how many Goods there are compared to the Bad’s. It shows that progress is being made and that really, I’m very happy with how far I’ve come. Now just to keep it up, work hard and smash out the next few weeks!!!