That 24th Exercise Diary…

As I mentioned last week, I have decided to go back to the Elite Body training programme, because I found that during this programme I made tonnes of progress and felt really good about myself (and everyone likes doing things that makes them feel goooood!). Now, I’m never one for completely sticking to a plan, so I am also adding in some extra HIIT training and playing around with Ab Circuits for #AbsForApril


To make sure I follow the plan, I make sure that I print out all of my work-out sheets beforehand and fill them in with the weights that I want to do. Because I have taken part in this plan before, I decided to go back and have a look at the weights that I managed on the final week of the plan, and had a look to see if I could up a few from there.

Now, I know some of the exercises below may mean absolutely nothing to you, and I’ll be honest, before I started this plan I had no clue either!! I had to google the list of exercises the night before each work-out day so I knew exactly what I was doing. So please don’t get down heartened if you don’t know what something is – a bit of YouTube normally does the trick.

Read my daily diary below:

Monday – Arms/Shoulders

Supersets (repeat x 4)

  • Superset 1 – Push Jerks (30kg Bar x 10) / Dumbell Upright Rows (10kg each arm x 10)
  • Superset 2 – Cable Rear-Delt Flies (5kg each arm x 10) / Cable Front Raises (5kg x 10)
  • Superset 3 – Skullcrushers (15kg Bar x 10) / Drag Curls (17.5kg Bar x 10)

Ab Circuit

  • Plank – 1 Minute
  • Side Plank – 1 Minute (each side)
  • Isometric V-Up – 30 Seconds
  • Ab Roller x 20
  • 10kg Russian Twist x 20

Additional Exercises

  • Assisted Pull Ups x 5 (I was so happy about those!!!)
  • Press Ups – 3 x 15


  • Treadmill (1% gradient) – 30 secs walk / 30 secs jog / 60 secs sprint
  • Bike (level 3) – 1 min steady (approx 12mph) / 30 secs sprint (above 25mph)

Tuesday – Plyometrics/Legs

Plyometrics – Circuit x 3

  • Line Jumps x 10
  • 180 Jumps x 10
  • Tuck Jumps x 10
  • Depth Jumps x 10
  • Dynamic Step-Ups x 10 (each leg)


  • 5 Sets of 10 @ 35kg

Supersets (repeat x 3)

  • Superset 1 – Good Mornings (30kg Bar x 10) / Calf Raises (30kg Bar x 20)
  • Superset 2 – Reverse Hyper Extensions x 15 / Leg Extensions (45kg x 10)

Wednesday – HIIT 

30 Minutes on Treadmill

60 secs walk @ 6kph / 30 secs jog @ 9kph / 60 secs sprint @ 14.8kph


Home Ab Circuit (repeat x 4)

  • 5kg Russian Twist x 10
  • 5kg Weighted Crunch x 10
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 (each leg)
  • Plank Knee to Chest x 10
  • 5kg Hip Bridge x 10

Thursday – Back

Supersets (repeat x 4)

  • Superset 1 – One-arm Dumbbell Rows (10kg x 10 each arm) / Dumbbell Pullovers (14kg x 10)
  • Superset 2 – Incline Dumbbell Rows (10kg each arm x 10) / Lat Pull Downs (27.5kg x 10)
  • Superset 3 – Lat Pull Downs (27.5kg x 10) / Cable Face Pulls (16.25kg x 10)
  • Finisher – Single Arm Cable Lat Pull Downs (15kg x 8 each arm)

Ab Circuit

  • Swiss Ball Roll Up x 20
  • Ab Roller x 20
  • 15kg Cable Woodchopper x 20 (each side)


As I did last time, I am going to make sure I keep track of the weight that I have lifted and try and improve over the next 3 weeks of the programme. The final week is going to be a bit of a struggle as we are going away, but there will definitely be home/hotel workouts going on to make sure that I am in the best shape for the wedding on May 9th!

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