That Week Twenty-Three…

Well after the big ol Birthday Weekend, there were 5 days in this week to start rectifying any damage that I may have done…

Here it is in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Managing to go ‘cold turkey’ on Wednesday and get straight back onto the healthy eating and exercise regime.

– Avoiding prosecco, bad meal choices and dessert at Jamie’s Italian for Mysha’s birthday lunch.

– Buying the outfit for the wedding next month! (You know, the one which all of my original goals were aimed towards)

– Hitting up 3 days of exercise (and a walk on Sunday) after bday weekend.

– Having wonderful weather for the wedding that I coordinated on Friday – it was perfect! (and kudos to myself for avoiding the sweetie table)

That Bad Week…

– Going over my calorie goal on Saturday (even though I avoided the bad stuff)

– Missing Matt after the long weekend together 😦

– Feeling terrible all week after the indulgences of last weekend, and not really feeling myself at all.

Next Week…

 Next week is all about working HARD. I am starting the Elite Body programme again from, as I believed I saw the most changes in the body when I took part in this plan a few months ago. The exercises are simple (and there are videos too if you don’t quite know what they are) and it’s one that mixes 4 days of lifting with 2 days of interval training, which seems to be the perfect plan for me to lose body fat and gain muscle.

What are you doing this week to create those changes???? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!!