That 23rd Exercise Diary…

Okay, so after the gluttony of Birthday Weekend – I needed to get back in the gym straight away on Wednesday to try and feel a bit of normality.


Naughty me, I didn’t have a plan at all, so I just decided to do what I felt.

Read my exercise diary for the past few days:


This one was actually the Thursday workout – not Tuesday…!

As you can see, I didn’t do a huge amount – but I made sure I went every day and threw out some reps on some exercises that I actually wanted to do. I find that’s the best way to get back into the gym – make sure that you’re doing something that you enjoy. Matt suggested that I take part in some Body Combat classes to get my head back in the game, because I really love those – so that’s something that I’m going to look in to.

Next Week…

As I’ve said in other posts – I am going to be working HARD this week to gain back some normality, and to combat the fact that we are heading to the football on Saturday, and so many beers will be consumed. I’m going to get a morning work out in before I head to the office, AND I am going to be putting an afternoon session in as well after work. With the gym opening at 6:30am and me starting work at 8 – it means I can get a 45 minute session in before work. Finishing at 4pm is too early to go home (as I tend to just eat myself silly in the kitchen) so putting a gym session in afterwards is generally a good shout too!

I am determined to be looking really good for this wedding in 4 weeks time! Wish me luck!!

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