That Birthday Weekend…

Mine and Matt’s Birthday weekend was nothing short of epic.

Photo 04-04-2015 00 00 38

In short:

– We ate lots

– We drank lots

– We had fun!!!

There is a lot to tell you about, and loads of #foodporn photos and #selfies, so sit back and have a good ol’ nose at what we got up to (and then of course I’ll tell you all about all of the repercussions and exactly how I feel after four solid days off)

Day One – Safari Park

After welcoming in Matt’s Birthday at midnight with Cookie Dough & Oreo Brownies, we woke up very excited because we were off to West Midlands Safari Park!! I gave Matt his pressies in the morning, and then his parents arrived and we headed off… ROADTRIPPP!!!

We started off by driving around the Safari…and it was AMAZING!!! It took us over two hours in total and we saw loads of different animals. I was particularly excited by the camels, who did what they wanted, walked through the traffic and stuck their heads right into the cars…. so brilliant!

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After the Safari had been driven, we were absolutely starving (because we forgot our car snacks) – so we had some lunch and then headed off to look at the penguins and the meerkats and to watch the sea lion show. So much fun!

New to the park was The Land of the Dinosaurs – which was of course Matt’s favourite part. There were loads!! All moving and breathing and roaring (and scaring the crap out of me).

Photo 04-04-2015 15 17 39

After we had finished being children for the day, home, quick change and out to dinner at The Lost & Found in Birmingham. In such a stunning building, with hidden private dining rooms and loads of cute little touches, the four of us sat to a stunning meal and cocktails, with great service as well.

He Had…

Corn Fed Chicken & Bacon Suet Pudding, Chive Mashed Potato, Confit Carrot and Savoy Cabbage

followed by…

Chocolate Marquise, Clotted Cream and Vanilla Wafer


Old Fashioned Cocktail

She Had…

Rolled Welsh Saddle of Lamb, Apricot and Pistachio Stuffing, Peas, Spring Onion Crushed New Potatoes and Thyme Gravy.

followed by…

Toffee Apple Bavois, Fudge Ice Cream, Granny Smith Jelly


London Punch Cocktail

Obviously that’s not all we ate that day – there were cheeseburgers at the Safari Park, peanut butter fudge, rice crispy crunch and brownies – and of course beers as well.

Day Two – Center Parcs ❤

After all of the excitement on Saturday, we had even more to come with a day a Center Parcs, Elveden Forest with my mum and big sis. First though, breakfast! I made bacon & scrambled egg for Matt and his parents, and a bacon sandwich for myself – yum! I think I probably ate a brownie too… oops! (Though I did make sure I still had a green tea or two – you know, stay healthy ;-))

Matt had given me the most amazing Easter Egg that morning – the chocolate is literally thicker than my thumb and I can’t wait to eventually dive into it (though I have confiscated it from myself for the time being). I tried one of the many chocolates stored in the middle.. NEWSFLASH: absolutely incredible! I think I’m definitely going to have to save the rest for another time…

Photo 05-04-2015 07 45 21

I was very excitable when we arrived back at mine, probably verging on annoying, but how can you not be excited when your heading to the grown up playground that is Center Parcs?!

When we got to CP, we had a little picnic with some sandwiches, crisps, cake, brownies and of course beers before we hit the pool. I tried to convince myself that we burnt off all of the lunch racing around the rapids and fighting the waves – but I don’t really think we did. And we definitely didn’t burn off the cocktails that we had by the poolside – yum!

At this point I wasn’t particularly happy with how I looked in the mirror when I got changed – just a couple of days off and I was already feeling and looking a little flab – but I told myself that I wasn’t going to let it get to me this weekend – I could worry about it afterwards…

Dinner was booked at Hucks American Diner – and boy did we take advantage:

We Shared…

BBQ, Asian & Hot Chicken Wings, Cheese & Spinach Dip with Garlic Bread and Tortillas

We Both Had…

Double Double Bacon & Cheese Burger with Seasoned Fries (I had Sweet Potato) & Mac n Cheese

followed by…

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack with Whiskey Cream

Salted Caramel Milkshakes (made with Baileys & Spiced Rum)

We Drank…

Louisijamma – made with Southern Comfort, Apricot Brandy, Apple Juice & Mint

Marmajack – made with Jack Daniels, Drambuie, Orange Marmalade, Sweet & Sour and Soda

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I will actually admit right here that we ate so much that night that we actually felt really uncomfortable. It was pure gluttony – we didn’t even need that much food – we just knew that we could have it so we did. That evening in bed, I said to myself ‘that’s it, that’s enough…I don’t need to do this anymore’ and I told myself that Monday was going to be a much better day.

Day Three – ‘Rest Day’

Monday was planned as a day of rest – heading over to Matt’s parents house and chilling out for the day. We were still so full from the night before so we didn’t have breakfast (we didn’t bloody need it) and we headed on down to Essex.

Matt’s parents house is always full of cake and yumminess, so it wasn’t long before we had a little snack of Hot Cross Buns and rice crispy crunch before heading off to see Matt’s Nan. When we got there, we were of course offered Cherry Buns with a cup of tea (accepted, of course) and we sat and had a nice little chat before heading back to wait for Matt’s sister and her family to arrive.

Easter Egg Hunts and games of London Snap later, we had all built up enough appetite for the incredible roast dinner that Matt’s mum had created. I wholeheartedly welcomed the vegetables to my plate, and it was went down extremely well with wine & fruit salad to finish.

Well, I say finish…then came out the birthday cake for me and Matt, and another cake too – you know, just to make sure there was enough. Extremely yum, and extremely full – we spent the evening watching old home videos, drinking wine and munching on the choccy eggs found during the hunt…

Photo 06-04-2015 19 03 57
Uncle Matt reading the bedtime story…

Another amazing day spent with amazing people over our Birthday Weekend….

Day Four – London ❤

We were up bright and early on my birthday to jump on the train down to London. I was extremely giddy and very excited, because we were being absolute tourists and had booked tickets for an open topped bus tour, and that very morning, my lovely Matt had told me that he was taking me to Nike Town to join the NikeID family. Yep, I was going to be designing my very own trainers – how incredible!!

We wandered through Covent Garden to grab some breakfast from one of our favourites – Benugo (Bacon & Egg/Sausage & Egg Rolls – with Green Tea for me and Coffee for him) and then we wandered through Trafalgar Square to jump on our open topped bus.

FYI: The weather was absolutely AMAZING in London – not a cloud in the sky and really nice and warm…we couldn’t have wished for anything better!

We went all touristy with views of Tower Bridge, Tower or London, The Shard, The Eye and Big Ben whilst we were on the bus, and proper selfied it up! I couldn’t stop smiling all day…

Lunch was had at Bodeans in Soho with our good friend JMG – an amazing little BBQ shack, where we sat outside in a beautiful suntrap:

We Both Had…

BBQ Pulled Pork & Burnt Ends with Sweet Potato Fries, all washed down with a nice cold beer.

After lunch it was time for us to hit up Nike Town, and my turn to create my very own unique pair of trainers! I’ve never done anything like this before, so I was very excited – but my decision making skills are pretty rubbish, so it took me a little while to create the perfect pair (the actual NikeID took the longest).

I can’t wait to show you them when they arrive in a few weeks time – EEEEEEK!!

The sun was shining, so we grabbed some smoothies and walked down The Mall to see ol’ Liz at Buckingham Palace, and walked back up through St James’ Park.

We wrapped up the day beautifully on The Punch & Judy balcony in Covent Garden, watching the street performers and drinking cider and wine. An absolutely perfect end to the perfect weekend.

Photo 07-04-2015 15 18 58

After we got back to Matt’s parents, we had cake and tea and then packed up to head back to mine for some well earned rest and recuperation. I think I can vouch for both of us when I say that we really wished we could have one more day off..!

I really just want to thank everyone that made this weekend absolutely perfect – My family, Matt’s family…and of course my wonderful boyfriend. Everything has been amazing – my gifts were incredible and lots of memories have been made ❤

The weekend was absolutely perfect, but there have definitely been some repercussions. My next post will show the differences in my weight, the differences in the way that I look, and the differences in the way that I feel. At the end of it all – I’m wondering whether the carelessness and the gluttony was all really worth how I feel right now….

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  1. Okay, so I actually feel a little bit sick just reading all the food you ate… but you only get a birthday once a year right! And because your’s and Matt’s are together, at least you get to do all the gluttony in one big hit. It was lovely to see you and I’m glad that your London day was so lovely. x


    1. It’s ridiculous isn’t it! But just goes to show what can be done when no control is in place (which is generally my problem)! An amazing weekend though – loved every second! x


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