That Week Twenty-Two…

This week has been an interesting one. Shortened due to the fact that birthday weekend starts on Saturday…!

Here it is in pictures:

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That Good Week…

– Managing to finish the Clutch Cut Programme with SIX times around the circuit…OOSH!!

– Coordinating a lovely wedding at work on Thursday for the now Mr & Mrs Bennett

– Being pampered at Bedford Lodge Spa with Gel Nails, Steam & Sauna

– Going on a tour with Discover Newmarket to the Gallops, Stables, Jockey Club and Horseracing Museum

That Bad Week…

– Finding out that I have gone backwards in my journey, gaining weight and size around my thighs and waist (read my post all about that here)

– Going over my calorie goal, leading to the above problems!

Next Week…

 Next week HAS to be about getting the balance back from what is going to be a mega birthday weekend. Hopefully I don’t do too much damage, but we shall see!! It’s #AbsForApril – so I am looking to drop some more body fat and get those abs coming through!! I have had some advice to go back to maintenance mode and give my body a bit of a break, so this is something that I am considering doing to try and kick start the fat loss again in a couple of weeks.

Watch this space….