That Week Twenty…

TWENTY WEEKS?!!! That’s flown by!!

This week has been, well, interesting. I’ve had some really good days, and a reaaaaallly bad day. I really have been pushing myself with this new workout (Clutch Cut), and at one point this week I just had to listen to my body, not go to the gym, and go and sit on my sofa for the night with copious amounts of tea. I don’t know exactly why I was on Struggle Street, but there may have been a couple of reasons:

  • I have changed my macro breakdown this week to 50% Protein / 25% Carbs / 25% Fats
  • This workout is more hardΒ core than anything I’ve done before, and I’ve been really pushing myself.

The Doc told me to get some more iron in my body, as that may be the reason I have been lacking in gumption – so I have started on those tablets on Saturday.

Here is my week in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Managing to get through 4 x circuits on my lifting days, and FIVE on Sunday!

– Finding some new recipes for both Main Meals and Desserts to try out ❀

– Fitting into my Gok dress from 3 years ago and it fitting better than it did back then!

– Being one more week closer to BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!

That Bad Week…

– Not seeing Matt again this week 😦

– Having a real struggle on Thursday – just being completely knackered and needing to rest. But as I said on Twitter“I’ve had a little cry and some peanut butter and now I’m going to crack on” #TrueStory

Β – Giving in and jumping on the scales in the changing rooms at my gym after a workout on Tuesday. (It was one time, and I’m not proud, okay!!)

Next Week…

Β I have one and a half weeks left of this 3-week programme, and I am really going to focus and work my arse off to ensure that I am doing all that I can to get my Body Fat Percentage under 20% before the 3rd April (stats day!!).

I am really itching to know whether any changes have been made this month, because I really feel as if I have been on a bit of a plateau. Three years ago, when I was going through all of this again, I got to a plateau, and I never got out of it – so I really hope I break through this one and see some more inch loss or fat loss. I don’t have any ‘weight’ to lose as such, just the stubborn fatty areas!!

If anyone fancies joining me for my circuits, I would really love some motivation this week!!