That Road to Running…


Running, in general, is pretty daunting. Especially if you’ve never really don’t it before. Thousands of treadmills all lined up in the gym vs hills and roads and country lanes. Which to choose?!

 From what I’ve heard in the past – you’re either a runner, or you’re not, and I believed this wholeheartedly. But, with three simple steps, I managed to get off the couch and onto the treadmill, and I even ended up running a 10k race!

Step 1 – Goal Setting

 Setting goals in any fitness journey is step number one to achieving them. Give yourself a target, maybe a 10k or a half marathon race, something that you actually have to sign up to, to ensure that you start pounding the pavement in practice.

 It’s really important to set out a training programme at this stage to ensure that you gradually build up your stamina and fitness for your event. Personally, I found a plan online and changed it to suit my work and home life, and I bloody well stuck to it!

Also, make sure that your diet & supplements are supporting all of the cardio that you’re about to start doing. Use Amino Acids to prevent muscle breakdown throughout your training, and ensure that you are eating small meals regularly to keep up your energy levels.

 Step 2 – Partner Up

 There’s nothing worse than doing something on your own, so partner up! You could link a training plan with your other half, a friend, or a colleague from work. Even if you don’t do every training session together, they’ll be there once or twice a week to offer support, advice or just for a friendly chat.


 An even better idea is to join your local running club. These (normally free) organisations are community formed clubs, specifically there so that you don’t have to run alone. And don’t worry if you are a complete beginner – the well organised clubs set off in different groups based on ability.

 Step 3 – Recognise Your Achievements

 When that day comes where you feel like you’re getting nowhere, take a look back at what you’ve done already. From running that first mile to being able to complete a 10k in less than an hour – you’ll soon realise how far you’ve come. Reward yourself with some new gym gear after completing a race, and go bigger and better next time round. You’ll soon forget the time you said ‘I’m not a runner’.


  Not everyone can become a runner – everyone already is. Get yourself out there and give it a go, and you may even surprise yourself! Keep track, keep logging and shout about your achievements!