That Week Nineteen…

 Yet another week down…!

Here it is in pictures:

That Good Week…

– Starting my new Clutch Cut training programme.

– Getting back on the bandwagon after a bit of a foodie-filled weekend!

– Seeing the ‘V’ magically appear at my hips on Friday!

– Making birthday plans with my lovely Matt (our birthdays are 3 days apart!!)

– Successfully cooking a pork roast for Mothers Day, with healthy Avocado Choccy Pudding!

That Bad Week…

– Not hitting the gym until Wednesday… *bad Tiff*

– Not being able to see Matt this weekend *sad Tiff*

Next week…

 I am looking forward to carrying on with this training programme – I really feel like it’s going to work wonders! It’s an intermediate programme from, but they have different ones for every different fitness level. They are completely dependent on the goals that you have as well, so loads to choose from!

Me and Matt are both smashing out March so that we can allow ourselves a little ‘free’ time on our Birthday weekend. He’s said that he wants to take me to London for the day (as it’s my most favouritest place in the world), which I am very excited for, and we are darting about from his in Birmingham to my mums in Suffolk, to his parents in Essex, and finally to London. What. A. Whirlwind – I can’t wait!!

On to the next one…

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