That Popcorn Rant…

I wanted to get some popcorn for me and Matt to snack on, so I popped on down to my local supermarket and went looking for the healthiest version I could find. I remember seeing adverts on TV for Metcalfs Skinny Popcorn, so naturally I grabbed a bag straight away…

…But me being me, I thought I would give it a little compare to the regular popcorn that I would buy, and this is what I found…

Per 100g:

Metcalfs vs Butterkist

Cals: 459 vs 398

Fat: 19.2g vs 13.9g

Carbs: 71g vs 48.1g

Sugars: 19.6g vs 0.8g

Fibre: 11.7g vs 22.1g

Protein: 6.4g vs 9g

this reaallllly pi**ed me off…

How can a company claim that ‘Metcalfe’s skinny Topcorn is one of the most loved popcorn brands in the UK. Our selection of sweet and savoury popcorn bags provides something for everyone whilst remaining easy on the calories and low in fat’ – when it’s more calorific that most other popcorns on the shelf, and has more fat! (and I did check more than one other bag).

20150308_121647 20150308_121705

Now…I understand that the Butterkist popcorn above does have sweeteners in it and isn’t as ‘clean’ as the Metcalfs..but I totally think that claiming something to be a skinny version, when it really isn’t is pushing it a bit.

Note to Everyone: Have a little look-see at the packaging before you just go for something that says its good for you..!

rant over…!

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    1. That’s what I have at home…! I couldn’t find any in the sainsburys I was in at the time 😦


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