That Week Seventeen…

What a week! Here it is in pictures:

That Good Week…

– My practise 10k going without a hitch AND in under an hour!

– My real 10k going well AND under an hour – EEEEEEEEK! (Which meant a new pair of trainers for me too)

– Adding 1,405kgs more weight in week three than in week two (read my exercise diary)

– Losing 5lbs in the last month (look at my progress photos here)

That Bad Week…

– Wanting to eat absolutely everything in sight, like, ALL of the time

– Really struggling with my training this week, with both training programmes getting really hard

– My measurements not changing at all from the last month

Next week…

I’m heading into the final week of the Elite Body Training Programme from I think that it’s been a really good programme to follow, and I urge anyone looking for a plan to go and have a looksee at what they have. With no 10k training this week (thank god!) I am really going to be putting 200% into week 4!!!

Next month is a 5 week month, so my next set of measurements will be on the 2nd/3rd April. This means I have an extra week to really smash it and make some BIG changes.