That Body (March)…

We’re here again?!

November to Feb

This month I took on two plans; Couch to 10k and the Elite Body training programme. Silly me, ey?!

It was hard, and I have spent a ridiculous amount of hours in the gym. I would never suggest to anyone to take on two training programmes at once – it’s seriously hard core – and I don’t believe that you are able to give 110% in both, which you definitely need to do! The reason that I did it though, was because I was scared that with all the cardio that I was taking on, that I’d completely lose all of the muscle that I had built up in the previous months.

 Life being life, my 10k training plan changed a few times from the beginning of the month to the end…

Screenshot_2015-02-05-15-56-29-1      Screenshot_2015-02-27-13-57-43

Well, apart from my OS updating on my phone, you can see that some of the work-outs changed as well. There are a few reasons why…

– I felt that the plan I originally chose didn’t build up to actually doing a 10k quick enough, so I changed it to up the mileage a bit.

– The Wednesday 30 Minutes light cardio or rest clashed with the Interval Training days on the Elite Body Programme, so I decided to do that instead.

Check out my full exercise diary’s:

Week 1     /     Week 2    /    Week 3    /    Week 4

weights and measurements

So…after all of that – here we go:


To be honest, firstly I was a bit pi**ed off. Yes, I completely understand that I have lost 5lbs and that’s really good, but seeing absolutely NO changes to my measurements (apart from my thighs) meant that my whole month of working out amounted to not a lot.

So, all in all, from day dot, this is what has changed: 

Weight – Say bye bye to 13 pounds

Belly Measurement (biggest part) – 4 inches smaller

Belly Button Measurement – 4.5 inches smaller

Waist Measurement (smallest part) – 3 inches smaller

Thigh (biggest part) – 2.5 inches smaller

That’s a total of 13 pounds and 14 inches lost!

And here goes with the progress photos…



It was a bit of relief to see that my body does look a bit different from last month. I know that my shoulders have rounded out (which I am very happy with), and legs are smoother, smaller and stronger.

The Plan Going Forward…

I now need to keep my head up and not let myself get down from the minimal changes that happened in the last month. I’m still trying to get my Body Fat down below 20%, and that’s my March challenge. I know my food hasn’t been perfect, and I know that I can definitely do more – so I am not going to let myself fall off the wagon at the weekends or binge when I’m up at Matt’s.

So – please help me. Because, god, I need it!!

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