That Review: The Jawbone UP24…

I received this little beauty in my Santa’s sack from the lovely Matthew (aren’t I a lucky girl?)


After now having it for almost three months, I think it’s about time to jot down my thoughts on the Jawbone UP24.

In short:

Pros – Sleek & Stylish, Awesome Smart Alarm

Cons – Not completely Waterproof, No built-in screen

 Here’s a little more detail:

How it looks…

The first time I saw one of these beasties was when I was walking approx. 200 people from Ibiza Rocks Hotel, down to the harbour for Ibiza Rocks the Boat. These two girls had on these ‘bracelets’ and I said they were cool and asked them why they chose matching ones. When they told me they were fitness trackers I think I got a little bit giddy! It’s sleek design means that it’s not thick and garish, and having one in black perfectly matched with my work suits (ideal!).

Now, you can get the UP24 in plenty of different colours. I say each to their own on what you choose, but I would always choose black – it fits in with everything, doesn’t clash, totally discreet and it’s not something you’d be asked to take off at work.

Both ends of the bracelet have a silver design. One end is a button (which changes settings/puts into sleep mode etc), and the other is a cap which covers the charging port.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a screen on the Jawbone UP24, just a settings notification panel. You get all data from using the phone app. Personally, I’d like to see a step countdown on the device, but this may mean that the slim and sleek design would be compromised. A screen is available on the Jawbone UP MOVE.


How it feels…

I would never expect Matt to know the size of my wrist… I don’t think that’s generally something you ever actually know about someone, so rightfully, he went for a Medium. After putting it on, it felt a bit more like a bangle (girls, you’ll know what I mean) and so I thought it might get a bit irritating when I’m exercising and it’s moving about, so we went and changed it to a small.

When first putting it on, I was honestly scared about breaking it. It’s quite flexible, and I can straighten it out until it looks like a ‘U’ shape with no bother. It sits right in between my wrist bone and my hand, just where the wrist bends, and it’s extremely comfortable. Over the past couple of months it’s just become second nature to have it on. I feel odd when I take it off to wash up or have a shower!


How it works…

There’s an app – simple as! You can literally go onto the easy-to-use app to control everything, or you can learn the button short keys to activate different settings:

  • Goal Setting: During the installation of the app, you will set up your goals. These can be sleep orientated, step targets or weight management.
  • Step Counter: As standard, it will count your steps. I’m not saying its 100% accurate, but I have a fitness band, Matt has a fitness band, and we both have step counters on our phones, and they are generally all in the same kind of area after doing the same things all day.
  • Sleep Mode: You can track your sleep pattern too, which I found quite weird the first week or so, but it’s helped me get out of the habit of having caffeine in the evening, and it’s quite interesting to see the differences between when I’m at home or at Matt’s etc.
  • Food Tracking: You can use this as a food tracker as well, but I linky up to My Fitness Pal and it does it all for me J
  • Idle Alert: I’ve got mine set to vibrate if I don’t move for an hour. I’ve done this between 9am and 5pm while I’m at work, to get me to get up from my desk if I’ve been sitting there too long – and it’s the perfect excuse to go and make the office a round of cuppas (brownie points for Tiff). It really does work, and even if I can’t get up that very second, it’s in the back of my mind that I need to get up soon!
  • Smart Alarm: This is my favourite little feature. You set an alarm for a certain time, and then set how long you want your ‘buffer’ to be (10, 20 or 30 minutes). The Jawbone UP24 knows when you are in a deep or light sleep, so anytime that you are sleeping lightly within your buffer period, it will vibrate on your wrist to wake you up! I’m generally a light sleeper, so I have the shortest buffer period of 10 minutes. Don’t worry though – It won’t let you oversleep! If it gets to your actual alarm time and you are in a deep sleep, it’ll still vibrate to wake you up.
  • Activity Alerts and Reminders: Two features I am actually yet to use, but I’m sure they do exactly what they say on the tin. You can set the Jawbone up to notify you every 1000 steps (or whatever denomination you choose), and you can also set reminders, with titles. I should probably use it to remember to prep food or pack my gym bag!!

You can link it up to other apps too! My Fitness Pal, If This Then That, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, Nest, Withings, LoseIt, LF Connect and TONNES more. They all linky up and do their magic – brilliant!

The Boring (but necessary) Bits…

Battery Life – I’ve found it works really well, up to 9 or 10 days before I think ‘oh damn, I really should charge this now’. It’s never run out on me so far, and I’ve never even received a notification to say it’s low on battery. I charge it through the USB port on my desk computer at work, and it only takes an hour or so to fully charge up, but you’ll find that you won’t want to leave your desk whilst it’s on charge (or else how on earth will your steps get logged?!! #FirstWorldProblems)

Waterproofness – The Jawbone website says that the UP24 is ‘splash proof’. I don’t really know what this means, but I make sure I take the band off when I am in the shower or doing the washing up. I don’t worry about it when I’m washing my hands or when I’m out in the rain, but I think I would eventually prefer an option that is completely waterproof, just for ease. It’s quite obviously sweat-proof, or else it would be really pointless.

Jawbone Charge

All In All…

…I love this little gadget, and I am so grateful to Matt for buying me this thoughtful Christmas pressie. It has really helped me kick start my fitness journey, and I think I’d feel really lost without it now. I use it daily and sometimes get a little obsessed with hitting targets and getting results. It’s a winner for me!