That Little Gem…


I really enjoy coming across little places that I end up falling in love with…

Myself and Matt went over to Cardiff for a night at the beginning of February, just to have a night out with a few drinks and tick off another place on our list. We had a little wander before dinner, heading into a nice-looking pub for a glass of wine and a beer. It wasn’t a bar that we knew of, not a high street brand, and we loved it.  

Due to our love of all things chicken – we went to Nando’s for dinner. We knew we’d enjoy it…all in all, it was a safe bet. But then, the rest of the evening was spent going into bars we’d never been in, ordering cocktails we’d never had before and dancing like morons. We’re all allowed one night, right?

The next morning we were hell bent on going to Patisserie Valerie for an Eggs Benedict breakfast. After walking through the city centre with our horse-blinkers on, ignoring every other place lining the streets, we made it to Pat Val, but discovered that it was one of those shopping mall versions that doesn’t serve the full menu. *Insert sad-face here*. Matt was obviously then left with the mission of finding somewhere else for a coffee and breakfast – a big task for foodies such as ourselves. We wandered back out of the mall, looked left and right like lost puppies, and then settled on heading down a tiny little walkway between streets.  

We stumbled across this little place – Wally’s Delicatessen.


 At first, we were just intrigued just by the shop itself. It was all higgly-piggly and old, with parts of the store leading off here and there. There were tonnes of different food sections – fresh pasta, rare oriental ingredients, a fresh meat and cheese counter, an olive bar, and even an American food section (my favourite).

We then noticed that there seemed to be an upstairs – a Wallys Kaffeehaus, and without really even looking at the menu, we decided this was where breakfast was going to happen, so upstairs we went…

It was a cute little café, seating no more than 30-40 people at a time, and the smell of coffee was absolutely incredible. We sat down and had a look at the small, but yummy-looking menu, and decided on our small breakfasts:

I went for…

Greek Yoghurt with Granola & Red Berries, and a Gingerbread Latte

He went for…

Granary Toast with Butter & Preserves, and a Pot of Tea

(Simple choices, we know – but considering the night just gone, we didn’t want to carry on the bad habits with bad foods)

Whilst waiting for our food and drinks to come, I had a little look around. It was very old-school, with old pictures on the walls and lots of memorabilia. What really took my eye was the amazing cakes in their display unit. Quite obviously completely home made – I wanted one of everything!!

Our breakfasts came and mine particularly took our eye. Beautifully presented in a little glass bowl – it obviously took us a few minutes to get started eating after taking photos and posting about it. It tasted delicious as well – the yoghurt and granola both tasted lovely, and the red berries were so fresh. There was plenty to each as well, enough to leave me fully satisfied when we had finished. Matt mentioned that his was yummy too, and we both agreed ‘good choice!’



The coffee was very tasty as well – leaving me a bit disappointed that I wasn’t a little more adventurous and pick something I didn’t know off of the menu. The staff were lovely – attentive and very helpful. They were always smiling, and worked together perfectly to run this little hidden gem above the shop.

Afterwards, we had another little look around the shop, and decided that we couldn’t leave without taking a few photos and of course purchasing a little snack for the drive back to Birmingham (yoghurt covered cranberries, if you were wondering).

It made me think – ‘why bother going to these new places without trying new things?’ Yes, you may like ‘safe-mode’ where you hit up a Nando’s and then head to Vodka Revs for the entire night, but you may as well do that in your home town. We made a collective decision that morning that when we go on one of our adventures, we are going to try something new or something raved about in reviews. It’s going to make these little trips even more exciting for us – and we’d love that!


Wally’s Delicatessen is located at 38-46 Royal Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AE


Wally’s Deli – Website Here