That 14th Exercise Diary…

Here’s my exercise diary from week 14.

As you know, me and Matt are running 10k on March 1st…and I haven’t yet shared my training programme with you all!


There are some lengthy runs in there, as well as some options for rest or low impact cardio (cycling, walking etc).

I have some serious work to do to ensure that I am fit enough for the 10k on March 1st, but I am worried that my muscle levels are going to drop, so I am also looking into a weight training programme from to combat the cardio. The one I have chosen is Erin Stern’s 4 Week Elite Body. It looks hard – really hard. But I am really looking forward to see the changes it will make. As I do my photos monthly, I will still have a week to go when I do my next set of photos, but I think we will still see some changes.

I have also purchased some new protein from Go Nutrition that has BCAA in it. BCAA is a substance that will fight the breakdown of muscle fibres when doing cardio. Perfecto!

Monday / Tuesday

These days were rest days, as me and Matt were down in Cardiff and in London on our mini-adventures. Though tonnes of steps were counted on both of our fitness bands, no extra exercise was done.


2 Mile Run (as per the training plan)


Then I did a mini home workout (tabata and weights):

  • Stomach Crunches
  • Dumbell Lifts (6kg)
  • Moving Side Planks
  • Shoulder Press (12kg – 3 Sets of 10)
  • Overhead Tricep Lifts (6kg – 3 Sets of 10)


2 Mile Run with Matt (as per training plan)



I took the rest over the 30 mins low impact cardio, as I just felt super lazy

Note: This is completely unlike me. I’m normally the one ready and raring to go – but as you’ll see from this weeks food diary, I really let myself fall of the wagon, and it happened with the exercise as well. Without a clear plan in place, I seem to fall apart!! Lesson learnt!


3 Miles on the treadmill – 6mph average and 2% gradient (as per training plan)



Rest Day

All in all – I haven’t had the best week for exercise. But at least I have done something. I am so determined to absolutely smash out next week so that I can put this week behind me. I’ve had a shocker, and I’m not happy with it at all – in any aspect.

Onwards and upwards my dear friends, onwards and upwards!