That Blogger Event…

I was very excited when I received an email from fellow blogger Lucie Kerley (aka Lucie Loves) with an invitation to my first ever blogger event. I’ve only been writing this blog for a little while, and I never expected to be invited to any blogger event at this stage, let alone one on this scale…

Who better to be hosting this health and fitness morning than John Lewis, who are currently exploding with their #JLLiveBetter campaign, and Women’s Health Magazine, a must-read for any fitness fuelled female.

Unfortunately, Lucie messaged me the day before to tell me that she had been feeling ill all week and therefore wouldn’t be attending. Gulp. This did make a little nervous, as I thought that I would be surrounded by a bunch of people who all knew each other from previous events, all talking in their little clicks and leaving me to be Miss Outsider (think mean girls ‘you can’t sit with us’ syndrome). How I was wrong…

When we arrived, there were green tea’s and water offered all round, with people getting to know each other, already checking out and adding each others blogs/instagram/twitter account. I got a few ‘congratulations’ for being such a newbie blogger and being at the event (thanks Lucie!) and that’s when I realised quite how exclusive it was. There were only 20 of us bloggers there, some fitness, some lifestyle, some family and some fashion. With the nerves fading away, I really started looking forward to the morning ahead.



We were ushered into the #JLLiveBetter Loft, which had beautiful views over the Olympic Park, and were faced with two lines yoga mats for us to get comfortable on. Queue a gazillion cameras and tweets being thrown about by every single girl in the room. Gifts were being strategically placed for snaps and we all started getting to know our neighbours. I sat next to the lovely Mind Over Matter and Michaela Loves.

We started with Rise and Shine Awakening Yoga with the incredibly stunning Colby Hanks.

‘Is anyone completely new to yoga?’ she asked. Of course I was the only one to raise my hand. Oh well, straight into it we went. Some simple breathing exercises and various different yoga poses showed the incredible flexibility of most of the girls in the room. Me = different story! My flexibility is absolutely horrendous, proved in this session. Colby was lovely though, and came to help me with the poses as she talked us through the different moves.

Next – we went straight into a demonstration by Natasha Corrett, the brains behind Honestly Healthy. We had lots of different things to try, including Bircha Muesli, Spelt Hot Cross Buns and these yummy Spirulina Smoothies.

 The smoothies were made in a NutriBullet, something I’m trying to persuade Matt to purchase. It made everything so simple, and prep can be done the night before and stored in the fridge, meaning only 30 seconds of whizzing the next day.

We had a lot of time at this stage to mingle and chat with some other bloggers, and here I met the lovely Hannah from Mums Days and also Emma Hill. The different blogger types made for really good conversation, and I really loved getting to know why these people started blogging and most importantly, why they have carried on.

 We had lots of opportunities to play with some of our new pressies, and to get myself one the front cover of a certain magazine:


Now, if that’s not something to aspire to, then I don’t know what is! Thanks to the guys at Women’s Health Magazine for setting this up.

No rest for the wicked, we were whisked straight into some HIIT training with Anya Lahiri, one of the trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp. Sweaty wasn’t the word!! And if that wasn’t enough, we had Rich Tidmarsh put us through our paces with some Body Strength exercises, including ‘The Duck Walk’, something you have to see to believe.

The whole morning was amazing, and it was brilliant to be speaking to like-minded people throughout. Just being in the same room as the creators of the #JLLiveBetter Campaign & Woman’s Health Mag was incredible, and hopefully the first of many little adventures I get to go on with the little blog of mine.

I wholeheartedly stand behind the #JLLiveBetter campaign, and any other that promotes living a healthy lifestyle past the January ‘Resolution Fever’. Who’s with me?!!

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