That Week Thirteen…

 Here’s my week in pictures:

  That Good Week…

– FINALLY getting to see Matt after 3 weeks

– Finishing the 30 Day Squat Challenge (read about it here)

– Seeing some MEGA changes in my body (see my progress photos here)

– Heading to my first blogger event!!

That Bad Week…

– My car breaking down on Monday evening. Buggered everything right up!

I actually can’t think of anything else bad to add to the list. It’s been a pretty damn good week and I am very happy. Going forward, I just need to make sure I stick to the plan in February. Going off track will seriously upset me…and that’s something we definitely don’t need!

Next week is full of days out and no work – and I’m no where near my gym, so it is really going to take some motivation to get out there and exercise. Wish me luck folks….!