That Week Twelve…

All in all, it’s been a pretty good week. Made sure I got up with my 5:30am alarm every day and got my arse to the gym (not that I was particularly happy doing it)!!

I have been so gym focused this week – I haven’t really done anything else..(apart from work)! Here’s my week in pictures:

 Sippy Cup! Absolutely amazing for making me drink more water!Suit Up!

I love my afternoonsies - snack central! Mix in some fruit and nuts and breakfast is served :-)

I am LOVING some biceps!  Salad Central  Back gains!  Salad...again.   Strong dinner - chicken, sweet potato and veg  These used to be too small!!

That Good Week…

– Completing my full week of squats (even though they are boring the hell outta me)

– My lovely Matt surprising me after work and taking me to dinner ❤

– Having a pretty good week nutritionally, and successfully planning next week before the weekend even came!

– Seeing some muscle definition in my arms & shoulders

– Being invited to a blogger event next week by the lovely Lucie Loves.

That Bad Week…

– Feeling absolutely horrendous on Friday night. I had completely knackered myself out and knew it was time to rest!

– Another weekend without Matt *sad face*

I love that there are more points in ‘That Good Week‘ than there are in ‘That Bad..’. It shows that I am really making some progress and slowly becoming happier with how I am.

There are always going to be struggles on this kind of journey. There will be days when all I want to do is eat KFC or fish and chips, and I’ll be honest about how I am feeling and what I think is causing it. But as you all know, having a strong support network is what it’s all about…and mine really keeps me on track. I feel like people are watching what I do, which makes me accountable. So, I want to thank you guys for all being there for me!!

It’s the final week of my Squat Challenge, kicking off with 200 squats on Monday, and then going up 15 per day so that I hit that magic 250 on Friday. Then it’s finally over!

Personally, for me, doing a million repetitions of one thing isn’t what I like to do. I like fast, quick, explosive exercise where I hardly ever do the same thing twice. I suppose that’s why I enjoy interval training so much! Hopefully I will see some changes when I do my progress photos this month, but to be perfectly honest – I don’t know if I will – which is sad. *sad face*

On to the next one…!!

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