That Week Eleven…

It’s now the end of week 11, and I’m feeling stronger than ever – yay!! It’s been a long and hard week…here it is in pictures:

IMG_20150112_090730IMG_20150112_193720 IMG_20150112_121232  IMG_20150117_082318 IMG_20150117_134434 IMG_20150117_174839 IMG_20150115_075425IMG_20150114_222210 IMG_20150113_114114  IMG_20150113_211350

That Good Week…

– Getting back on the Smith Machine to hit up the heavier squats

– The little triumph of putting my hair up and seeing some bicep definition

– Having a pretty good week nutritionally

– Bro Science Life releasing this brilliant resolution video:

That Bad Week…

– Being extremely jealous of Matt going boarding this weekend and missing him loads *sad face*

– Getting a bit too carby on Saturday (check my food diary here)

All in all, I’ve had a pretty good week. I’ve been able to focus on getting things right, taking time over decisions and making sure they are the right ones. I managed to stick quite closely to my nutritional goals and I feel really positive about it.

I am currently pre-planning my entire next week in food, to make sure that it is as perfect as I can get it. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that my diet is right – I’m not just cooking for me, so I have to take other people into consideration. Pre-planning is key to making sure that I stick to my goals. Logging my food and exercise makes me accountable for what I do. Being honest about what I am eating makes me feel happier. It doesn’t matter if I eat a cake or a bit of chocolate, as long as I log it and change things to fit in with my goals.

I constantly need to challenge myself, and the Squat Challenge that I am doing at the moment feels like a challenge to me. Two weeks in, two weeks to go. I now need to think about my challenge for next month….any ideas?!