That Week Nine…

Wow! Where has that time gone?!

I honestly can not believe, after all that fuss, that both Christmas and New Year are both over.

But, it has been fabulous, and I have had a wonderful time. Here is my week in pictures (there are loads, sorry):


20141231_171051  20141230_071410  20150104_095514

I’ve been able to take a couple of good progress pics, but sitting here writing this on Sunday evening, I do kind of feel that I have undone all of my good work this week. I understand that it’s been Christmas and New Year and it’s ridiculously hard to keep any kind of structure, but it feels horrible!! But all I can say now is ‘Oh well – on to a new week‘. I seem to now been joined by a gazillion other people who are starting THEIR Fitness Journey, and so I am more than sure that they are going to keep me on my toes.

IMG_20150103_201825 IMG_20141231_170901 IMG_20150101_201405 IMG_20150102_091343

There have been some real upsides to this week though! Let’s go day by day:

Monday – I had a bad day on Monday, but not in the way you might think. I actually didn’t eat enough! I spent my day snacking on my usuals (nuts, satsumas, carrot sticks, nakd bars etc) and then I went to meet my friend for a catch up. We didn’t eat while we were out and I ended up getting home at 10.30pm, and eating then isn’t exactly good, so I just had some homemade parsnip soup. My whole day added up t0 1100 calories – which is terrible considering the amount of exercise I did! I promised myself I would be better on Tuesday.

Tuesday – Once again, I spent my day snacking on the usuals and I had a low-carb dinner consisting of 2 chicken breasts with a ham and spinach omelette. Deeeeelightful! This day added up to 1400 calories – much better than Monday!

Wednesday – New Years Eve! Asif it was here already. Again, snacking during the day (can you see a pattern emerging?) and then in the evening, Matt came to pick me up and we went down to his parents to see in the New Year. Now, it was quite late by the time we got there, so we just ended up having some cheese and biscuits to snack on and some drinks. We did the countdown in the hot tub with some bubbly and had a lovely time!

FB_IMG_1420395262226 FB_IMG_1420395273129

Thursday – New Years Day! With a bit of a sore head (I don’t drink much anymore OK!!), we all travelled down to London for the New Years Day parade. Amazing fun, absolutely loved it, and we got to go and eat and The Rain Forest Cafe (LOVE that place). I stayed as healthy as I could and ate bbq chicken with sweetcorn and spinach. Yum!!

Friday – Me and Matt had decided to go for a run in the morning. A couple of laps around the area where his parents live, and that was 5.5k. We felt so good afterwards, and hitting up some exercise so soon into 2015 shows that we were starting as we mean to go on. After the run we had some scrambled egg, bacon and tomatoes and spend the day lazing around watching movies. Perfect. For dinner, Matt’s mum made an amazing recipe from Skinny Kitchen – Skinny Balsamic Rosemary Chicken & Sweet Potato Casserole. It was literally incredible. It shows that you can find recipes online and give them a go and you may find something that you really love.

Saturday – Matt had one more day off and we spent it back at his place, just chilling out in the apartment. For breakfast I had some porridge with banana and almonds mixed in. Healthy and incredibly filling! We also had a wander to the shop to grab some ingredients for dinner.

Note: We walked to the shop. Every little helps, and so instead of jumping in the car, we wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves and had a little wander.

That evening for dinner I made a Chicken Filo Pie. A healthy version of a pie because it’s just the top that’s made up of pastry, and it was only 4 little layers of filo. The filling was simply made of chicken, vegetables and stock. Such a simple dish and thankfully Matt enjoyed it. We ate it with some oven baked Sweet Potato Wedges. Yum! We did enjoy some wine and a few chocolates whilst we played The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, but it was a lovely evening and so a little something extra wasn’t really bothering me. I made sure that I logged everything so I was accountable for it.

Sunday – As I write this, I am waiting on my chicken and roasted vegetables to finish cooking. Nice and simple dish which is easy to throw together. Throughout today I snacked on a Nakd bar and a Trek Bar whilst travelling back home from Birmingham. I met Matt for lunch and we had a yummy smoothie from Boost. It had an extra protein kick as well – amazing!

My week in food hasn’t been perfect, and my god don’t I know it! Every time I seem to reach for something remotely unhealthy, someone always has something to say. But it’s OK – I’ve managed to block most of it out! I plan on getting completely back on track on Monday.

By the way, I am still drinking at least two cups of Green Tea every day, my favourite being Tea Pigs! It has now become a habit which will be quite difficult to break again. Remember, it only took me 2 weeks to get into the habit of drinking Green Tea again, so start today and by mid-January, you’ll naturally pick it!

My week in exercise:

Monday – 5k in the morning (30 mins), Body Combat class in the evening (60 mins)

Tuesday – 5k in the morning (30 mins)

Friday – 5.5k with Matt (35 mins)

I know, I know – only 3 days of exercise in a week. But at this difficult time of year, I’m going to tell myself that 3 days is better than none – which is what a lot of other people have been doing!

I am SO ready for this year, for 2015. I am going to get to where I want to be, absolutely smash it out and be in the best shape I ever have been! Watch out peeps – I’m coming for ya!!!