That New Year…

New Year… New You?

Now – I do completely understand the people who think that the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start on their Fitness Journey. I normally have to start new things on a Monday just because it feels ‘right’ – so I totally get the 1st of January thing…But, come on guys – let’s be realistic. New Years Day is probably not the best time to be kick starting the whole ‘working out & healthy eating’ thing. For one, most people would have been out the night before, had a few (too many) drinks and feel like absolute rubbish on NYD, therefore filling their body with carb-alicious treats to make them feel better. And two…Is the gym even open on the 1st of January?!!!

Sure, It’s easy enough to say that you are going to be fit & healthy in 2015 – but it’s the actual doing of the fit & healthiness that’s important. I’m not saying go absolutely mental and cut out everything that’s remotely bad from your diet and exercise four times and day and never touch a drop of alcohol and exclude yourself from going out to dinner with family. THAT, my friends, would be extremely boring!

What I am saying is that it needs to be taken one day at a time (and bloody slowly at first) because it really does take a lot to get used to! It really is quite hard to stop reaching for the biscuits when you make that cup of tea, or to change your shopping habits when you’re out buying food. There are so many little things that you will need to stop doing to ensure that you get on the healthy path, and I’ll tell you this for free – you aren’t going to be able to do it all in one day! Sorry to all you believers – but I’m not going to lie to you – It. Takes. Time.

Tiffy Top Tip: Write a list of things you want to change and pick a new one to start every week. This doesn’t mean you can stop the one from the previous week…it just means that you won’t overwhelm yourself with a whole host of ‘new’ things from day one.

Examples: Parking in the spot furthest away from the entrance at work, halving the amount of sugar in your tea/coffee, exercising three times a week for 30 minutes at a time, drinking green tea ( get the idea)

Now, let me talk to you about the gym. The gym in January is absolutely horrendous. No lies. Classes will be full, not a free cardio machine in sight, no car parking spaces and a queue at the water fountain. All of those little things that really annoy me. But – be strong folks – get yourself through the first month and you will prevail! It’s survival of the fittest – no pun intended – and January will separate the weak from the strong. I actually love sitting back and watching it all happen:

January: Week One and Two – I’m angrily dodging rogue punches and kicks in Body Combat because they’ve over booked the class and there’s no space. Also, I can’t get on a treadmill in the gym unless it’s at 5 in the morning or in the middle of the day when absolutely everyone is at work (including me).

Breath will all be OK.

Week Three – Ooooh, this is getting a bit easier now. I seem to be able to move a little more in Body Combat, find an empty locker in the changing rooms and not have to think two weeks in advance about booking a class.

This is getting better…keep at it! We’re not quite there yet…

Week Four (and leading into February) – Soooo much better. The class sizes are pretty much back to normal and there is space in the gym to get a machine pretty much whenever I want. Obviously there are a few people who have actually stuck to their New Years Resolutions and are going strong in the gym – but everything is back at a good level.

I applaud every single person who gets passed this stage and is still going in February – because it takes a lot to do it. And the difference between the quitters and the stayers is obvious.. the quitters have tried to do absolutely EVERYTHING all in one go and failed miserably. The stayers have taken it slowly, got used to the new way of living slowly and carefully, making it easy to stick at it.

So, if you are thinking of starting on your way to losing a bit of weight, or generally just living a healthier life, then please take my advice.. it will help in the long run. Promise!!